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When is the A1GP on in Zandvoort? And where do I get tickets, anyone know?

started by: Danni-371508 · last update: 1177519622 · posted: 1177495317

Anyone know where I can see this match tonight?

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Does anyone know where I can take my son to play rugby. He is 12 years old and we live in the the Voorschoten area. Alex

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Over the holiday weekend we were amazed to see how many people were fishing! How do we get a licence to fish in Holland? I assume you need one to fish?

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Hi Please can someone tell me what date this match is on? Thanks

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I would like to go to the races with some friends but I have no idea how much it costs to go in, what to wear and what the minimum bets are. Can anyone give me some information about this. Oh, and were is a good place to go racing anywhere around the Hague. Maybach

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I love to sail and have been told that Holland is a great place to start. Do I need a licence? If so is it easy to get one?

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Can any one please explain the different types of swimming diplomas. I understand there is an A diploma and the children need to have this in order to let in unsupervised. It seems very confusing!

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I would love to know if there is a WOMAN'S netball team available in and around the Hague. Do they play this sport over here, I know there are plenty of hockey teams but never come across netbaal.

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Has anyone tried an indoor snow slope. Someone told me about a slope that has snow on it indoors but could not remember where it was. I am skiing in Jan and want to get some practise in. I have tried the plastic type of slope in the UK but am not too keen on those. LT

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Hi, I don't suppose there are any tickets floating around for Wednesday night's game in Amsterdam? If not, any recomendations of where to watch the match in, or around Rotterdam. I am new(ish) to the area and would like to watch the match in a bar with a few other England fans...I don't want to be the only one celebrating if we win! ****Prei

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