started by: sparticus-904995 · last update: 1392716364 · posted: 1392633869

Does anybody know if there are any horse riding schools in Venray.

started by: JPR-378125 · last update: 1390594902 · posted: 1390385999

The Six Nations starts in two weeks. Does anyone know of a sports bar in Eindhoven that will be showing the matches?

started by: JPR-378125 · last update: 1387114583 · posted: 1387114583

Does anyone know of any clay pigeon/ball trap shooting around the Eindhoven area please?

started by: Fi-378228 · last update: 1385367335 · posted: 1385114658

Anyone know of a bar in Eindhoven where they are showing the Wales Match tonight which is on BBC2 - I have the girls coming round and want to get rid of the OH.

started by: Zeta-378239 · last update: 1384330493 · posted: 1383746264

Anyone know where I can find a list of all the matches on this season?

started by: RuggerNutter-378214 · last update: 1383387591 · posted: 1382685577

Any bars showing the Rugby League World Cup match tomorrow in Nijmegen tomorrow - wife wants to go there for some reason so whilst she does whatever shopping I need to find a bar with it on!

started by: Fi-378228 · last update: 1382528223 · posted: 1382435063

Where is the closest Ski slopes that have both runs for experienced and beginners from Eindhoven?

started by: Marvin-378263 · last update: 1382180422 · posted: 1382005934

Can anyone tell me if there is one within about 50km of Venlo? I want to get some practice in before the season.

started by: RuggerNutter-378214 · last update: 1381222099 · posted: 1381222099

When do the open air ice rinks start opening over here?

started by: Pom-378285 · last update: 1381140747 · posted: 1381140747

I would love to go to this but can't figure out if it is in English or Dutch as there is nothing on the site to indicate what language it will be in.  All the authors are English, anyone know?

started by: Bryony-378477 · last update: 1377469819 · posted: 1376653117

Hello! Does anyone know where I could buy sewing (handicraft) stuff  in Tilburg? Thanks 

started by: Amanda D-379206 · last update: 1371469364 · posted: 1371469364

Does anyone know of anywhere I can go clay shooting in the Breda/Tilburg area please?

started by: popeye-379101 · last update: 1367313189 · posted: 1366317543

Any suggestions for a cricket club in the Maastricht area please? Preferably with an active junior section.

started by: Snapper-378282 · last update: 1363682380 · posted: 1363607722

Do you need a licence to fish in the rivers in the Netherlands and if so where do you get them from and how much are they?

started by: JPR-378125 · last update: 1363543649 · posted: 1363337118

Any suggestions, please, where I can watch the rugby 6 Nations on Saturday? (Eindhoven) 

started by: maggs-378571 · last update: 1363337595 · posted: 1363337595

Does anyone know of a Tai Chi (Yang Style) class in Roermond/Venlo area? I have heard that there is a class in Venlo but have been unable to find it. Thanks

started by: JJ-378126 · last update: 1362477821 · posted: 1362422325

We are moving soon and wondered if there was a cricket club that my son could join?

started by: dafydd-835634 · last update: 1361207177 · posted: 1361207177

I am in Eindhoven this coming weekend (visiting the outlaws). Is there a bar in Eindhoven that will be showing the Rugby internationals?

started by: Ella-378657 · last update: 1360932358 · posted: 1360853540

We have friends coming to stay next week and they said they'd like to do some skating, preferably outdoors. Any suggestions within an hour's drive of Roermond?

started by: Egghead-379097 · last update: 1360756767 · posted: 1358960510

Would like to get some practice in over the next couple of weeks, before heading for the Alps. Any suggestions where I can give it a go?

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