started by: JJ-378126 · last update: 1312109490 · posted: 1303554787

I'm looking for a "social" amateur cricket club in the Breda/Tilburg area. Any suggestions?

started by: Xavier-378127 · last update: 1305435369 · posted: 1298818222

We're moving to Maastricht in the next couple of months and I wondered if there are any cricket clubs in the area?

started by: Lucan-378373 · last update: 1305210901 · posted: 1305125824

My brother is coming to stay in July. He's a keen water skier. Are there any clubs locally that I can point him towards?

started by: son of swampy-379099 · last update: 1304514151 · posted: 1304410493

Someone told me in the pub the other night that Venlo football club has signed a 2 year old up! Is this true or was he winding me up??

started by: Jasper-379104 · last update: 1303319582 · posted: 1303141386

We're thinking of going over there for a camping weekend soon and would like to do some canoeing while we're there. Can anyone suggest where best to head for. Also, would we need to book canoe hire in advance?

started by: Plato-378738 · last update: 1298716898 · posted: 1298657164

Does anyone know of a sports bar in Eindhoven where a friend and I might be able to watch the Six Nations rugby tomorrow?

started by: CJ-378124 · last update: 1295692543 · posted: 1295350433

We have a loft full of knick-knacks - ornaments, pictures, crockery and so on. We would like to book a stall at a flea market. Anyone know how to go about it?

started by: Deep-Cove-376155 · last update: 1294757755 · posted: 1237104411

Hi Everyone. Mountain biking in Holland may sound strange to you, but it can be fun. If there is anyone out there who is interested in weekend rides or just hanging out drop me a line. Everyone is welcome. If we can get enough people then maybe we can start a "Club". Cove

started by: Plato-378738 · last update: 1293825033 · posted: 1293825033

i am interested in learning stained glass making, is there any classes within distance of Tilburg?

started by: Papa-378538 · last update: 1291657086 · posted: 1291554929

The family would like to get some practice in before our winter hols. Any suggestions south of The Hague please?

started by: fengshuilady-378935 · last update: 1290796834 · posted: 1289928535

Hello to my friends in beautiful Holland. I am planning a feng shui seminar for next year January, and would like information on a really nice space were I could hold it. The space needs to comfortably hold 30 people, be very easy to find for the Hague area and reasonably priced. This will be for a two day seminar. Thank you for any information anna

started by: roc-378942 · last update: 1290375584 · posted: 1290375584

Hello to all, I would like to call your attention to a great racing-event: The Race of Champions 2010. Maybe you`ve heard something about it from the media; it takes place since 1989 and for the 2nd time in Germany. VIP participants are amongst others: Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Sébastien Loeb and Formular 1 - legend Alain Prost. The Race of Champions will happen on the 27th an 28th of November in the heated stadium “Esprit-Arena” of Düsseldorf (Germany). Nowhere else you can sample motor sports so close. For more information and ticket order click here www.race-of-champions.de or www.raceofchampions.com I will be there definitely and hope my tip finds the approval of you. Beste regards, Jörg -------------------------------------- Hallo, ich möchte Euch, als Autobegeisterte, gerne auf ein Race - Highlight im November 2010 aufmerksam machen. Vielleicht kennt Ihr das Rennen aus den Medien. Nach 1989 findet das „Race of Champions“ erst zum zweiten Mal endlich wieder in Deutschland statt. Prominente Teilnehmer sind u.a. Michael Schumacher, der aktuelle Formel 1 - Weltmeister Sebastian Vettel, Sébastien Loeb und Formel 1 - Legende Alain Prost. Das „Race of Champions“ findet am 27. und 28. November 2010 in der beheizten und überdachten ESPRIT arena in Düsseldorf statt und bietet Motorsport hautnah und pur wie man es nirgendwo anders erleben kann! Mehr Information erhaltet Ihr über die Webseiten www.race-of-champions.de oder www.raceofchampions.com, dort könnt ihr natürlich auch direkt Tickets ordern! Ich werde auf jeden Fall dort sein und hoffe mein Tipp findet hier Anklang! Besten Gruß, Jörg

started by: Jackdaw-378850 · last update: 1288795662 · posted: 1288631269

does anyone know if and where there is a well run clay pigeon shooting facility within 25kms of Eindhoven?

started by: Xavier-378127 · last update: 1285240590 · posted: 1284386204

Where is the nearest Ski Resort to the Netherlands (real one that is).?

started by: Terry Bull-378765 · last update: 1283977428 · posted: 1283631578

Anyone know of any in the next couple of weeks around Eindhoven?

started by: Snapper-378282 · last update: 1280519756 · posted: 1280428076

Are there any Carp Fishing lakes in Holland - a mate is coming over to see me and whilst he is here wants to do some - not my idea of fun day out but as he is well into it said he would like to do some fishing.

started by: Jo D-378693 · last update: 1280439954 · posted: 1280173629

Hi I have recently moved to The Hague and I am hoping to find an English speaking Bridge Club that play in the evening. I am a keen - but not very experienced player. Basic ACOL. Can anyone help - many thanks Jo

started by: petal-378354 · last update: 1278002741 · posted: 1277306731

Where would you suggest is the best seaside resort to head for at the weekend, with the kids? Preferably south of Amsterdam.

started by: Loulou-378283 · last update: 1277756609 · posted: 1277756609

Has anyone elses other half now turned to supporting The Netherlands since the English Team have got knocked out. I had hoped that things (and the monopolising of the TV) would get back to normal now, but no as he has decided to support the country where we now live. What annoys me is that he moans if I watch Wimbledon, what are other wives, partners, girlfriends doing during the world cup. Me, I am going to shop till I drop.

started by: petal-378354 · last update: 1277558766 · posted: 1277151825

My dad's coming over for a couple of weeks soon, and now that he's retired he become addicted to golf! I wonder if anyone could suggest a golf course in the Hague area where he could get a game or three in.

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