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Was anybody elses enjoyment of the match between Holland and Denmark marred by that infernal racket of the South African Horns, it got so bad that I ended up turning the sound offf. Do you love them or hate them ?

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Does anyone know of any swimming pools in Den Haag, Rijswijk or commutable distance from Zoetermeer, that have recreational swimming available?Here in Zoetermeer there are 2 year waiting lists for lessons, and only 1 pool offering recreational swimming (once per week so v.v.busy). I would like to take my kids once a week myself, but there seems to be a lack of any available. I would like to make sure my youngest is swimming confidently before take compulsory lessons via school.

started by: petal-378354 · last update: 1275317312 · posted: 1275240558

My other half is starting to fret about where in the centre of The Hague he can watch some football. Any recommendations?

started by: Papa-378538 · last update: 1274558751 · posted: 1274274580

Hi,I'm living near Roermond and would like to start playing golf, does anyone recommend a place where I can get lessons.Thanks

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I have some serious yachting experience and want to know what is the best club to join as intend to bring mine over from Florida to race but will need to find a berth for her. Any suggestions please.

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Summer's on its way and soon we'll hear the sound of leather on willow - as golfers wander around kicking trees..... seriously, I'd like to get involved, in a mainly social way, with a cricket club. Can anyone suggest one around the Rotterdam area?

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Any good ones in easy reach of The Hague?

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Do you know if there are any in or around Rotterdam? I'm not particularly interested but I have a French friend coming to stay next week and she's really keen.

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I am supposed to be going to the Wales v Scotland Match and had planned on driving via the Eurotunnel but hear that the weather in the Kent area is bad so was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as the best way to go. Can't really fly as there are 4 of us and flights prices are around £200 each and we had planned on a few days London shopping trip on the way back.

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Are there any here?

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Are there any Yoga Classes (evening ones) in Rotterdam that are in English?

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Is it just me or were Wales playing dirty yesterday?

started by: jollyjim-378114 · last update: 1264513546 · posted: 1264155280

Does anyone know where there is a gun/shooting club in the region please

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Anyone play cricket over here or know or an amateur club?

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Where can I get some advice on which sailing boat to buy - novice sailor but learning. Is there a Boat Show on or would I be better going to the London one?

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Hi, I am new to Den Bosch. I am not working at this moment. Looking for fun outgoing girls. That like to meet up for a coffee or a walk. Maybe even language exchange. I am from Switzerland and speak, German, French and some Spanish.Daniela

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First week in The Hague and still finding my way about so need some help in finding a decent pub to warch the 6 Nations Rugby in with some friendly people who don't mind me shouting for Wales. Any other Welsh out there who can tell me where to see the matches. Are there any Welsh Bars in the area?

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Abyone know of a flying club where I can take lessons - have a yearning to fly!

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I have tickets lined up for Wales' Six Nations home games in Cardiff, so I thought I might book flights in advance, while they're cheap - but where from and to?? Do any of the low-cost airlines operate from anywhere near here? As far as destination airports I would guess that Cardiff or Bristol would be OK or possibly even Birmingham.

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Does anyone know of a rowing club in the Hague vicinity?

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