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Hello,We're new to Rotterdam having just moved, city centre area, and trying to find out what we can do when not working, in our 20-30s !Having lived in a numer of countries before, we're multilingual - but not much Dutch yet, so still struggling to integrate. In the past at uni, we would be members of the international society's so have a rather wide network of friends from all over, so really any kind of group or society like this, whether formal or informal big expat/polyglot bunch would be great.We like outdoors, countryside/coast, and believe the best things in life are free - surfing, biking, capoeira, and just kicking back with friends, meeting new people and learning about new places.So if you speak any English, Italian, French, Lithuanian or Russian, would be interested to make contact, though welcome any other nationalities including Dutch.

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I just came back from a visit in the UK and all my friends seem to doing belly dancing, is there anywhere in the Hague -> Leiden area where I could join classes?

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does anyone know where I would find information for syncronised swimming clubs in south holland?

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Hi, does anyone know where I can find some info about the Speed Skating event this weekend in The Hague.

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I would like my family to be involved with playing cricket and was wondering if there are any cricket clubs that we could join either in The Hague or Rotterdam is ok for us as well.

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Is there any information on this web site about vaccinations and which ones to have outside of Europe? Thanks

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Hi, we are thinking of coming to see the tennis tournament in Feb in Rotterdam, I was wondering if Andy Murray would be playing there this year? Also we need a cheap place to stay if we come.

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This is usually held during the week of the vakantie, it's an iceskating competition held in The Hague but have no idea if its to take place this year?

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Does anyone know if it is too late to sign up for the Fortis Marathon?

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy a Treadmill in or around The Hague? Have been into the sports shops in town and had no luck. Even the local Gym could not help. Am willing to go further a field if need be. Thanks for any advice.

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Match of the season, any one fancy joining us up at the Shillelaigh later?

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hello there i am looking for a football team to play for on weekends, not to serious i am a keeper living in the den bosch area any help would be great cheers john

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Anyone know if I can see the Match live tonight, in THe Hague Ta

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Anyone interested in running whether you are a beginner or not? We meet every Wednesday morning in The Hague and are training from 09:30 - 11:00, with a qualified Dutch instructor, also an expat. Great Fun!! Please email me if you would like to join us.

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Would anyone have any ideas of unusual places to stay for a group of about 18 people (adults, kids) over New Year. In Holland

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Just in case anyone is missing the smoky filled restaurants ( and some of us do!) Have a look at this website www.hiermaghetwel.nl Rosy

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We love to walk and have covered most the The Hague and Schveningen and would like to venture futher afield. Can anyone recommend any nice walks about an hour's drive from The Hague

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Hi, i was looking for a small jumping castle for my 4 year olds. Could some please advise where i can find some small enough to fit in my back yard? EMM

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For those interested in playing Rugby the season starts at the BSN on Saturday 6th September. Time 10:00 at the British School in Voorschoten.

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Could some tell us where we can watch the Tri Nations Rugby, we don't have a TV yet and they are playing on the 13th of August

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