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In September the new season of the weekly BCS Thursday Night Bowling League will kick off in the Scheveningen bowling alley. The league has expanded with new teams from the international community in The Hague. The BCS Thursday Night Bowling League has a mixture of local and expat teams, young and old, beginners and experienced bowlers who all compete throughout the season. Practical information: - Bowling starts at 19.00 hrs. - Three games will be played - Five people per team can play during the evening but ten people can be registered per team. So you can make a schedule of the five people who play each week - There is no bowling between Christmas and New Year or on any other public holidays - A maximum handicap of 60 (= bonus points) will be given to compensate the less experienced players. - The weekly fee is approx. €8.50 per person - In-house bowling balls and shoes are free of charge If you or your organisation would like to participate, please contact expatbowling@gmail.com. The deadline for enrolment for new teams is 18 August 2008.

started by: Sandy-372407 · last update: 1217336400 · posted: 1217246496

Hi, can someone give me some info on Fishing here in Holland

started by: Josey-371737 · last update: 1215111699 · posted: 1210711564

Hi, We are looking to find a fishery in the Netherlands but having some trouble with the search. Some links or tips on what to look for would be great :)

started by: Doris-371445 · last update: 1214870087 · posted: 1214771307

Thank goodness - tonights the night the last game is played. Perhaps my man will start to talk about something else other than the footy, and our life will get back to normal, and most importantly of all, I will be able to choose what I want to watch on telly. Doris

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I'm just about to settle down and watch the footy, and remembered what a couple of Dutch guys told me a few days ago, they love watching it on BBC, the commentary is much better and the Gary Linneker team make the watching even better. I think that just about sums up football in England, we are great at commentating but cannot get a decent team together. Lets see what happens in the World Cup........... Rog

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Hi, I'm researching some information about the Hague, it's history, the Golden Age, World War II in Holland, anyone have a good English link they can recommend Have a nice day :)

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I heard today that there has been loads of people getting digital TV, apparently there is a 2 second delay so your neighbours will hear the goals slightly before you!!

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Hi ! Does anyone know if you can get a Dutch Golf License (GVB) in English. i.e., English instruction and English exam ? Thank you ! Signed ... a " fun" golfer from Canada. EZT

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Not sure if it's the weather or the football but people seem to be a bit more smiley and helpful at the moment! Let's hope Holland wins!

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Well what a great night and what a great night! Well done to the Dutch it was a great match and excellent, really excellent play. Favourites to win. We spent the evening in a bar in The Hague, great atmosphere, terrible service but hey who cares!!

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Well I have to admit that I feel very let down that tonight as Euro 2008 kicks off to my dismay not one UK team has managed to qualify. I will be supporting Holland this year as I live and work here (and pay Dutch taxes!) As a Scotsman I feel very let down that we didn't qualify and usually support England (my wife is English) as a second best. My question is what happened? I thought England were supposed to have the best players in the world and British Football was once respected and admired. Should we blame Steve McClaren (who is going to be doing the commentry for the BBC this year) or is it that they get paid too much money!

started by: Goldie-371919 · last update: 1213081352 · posted: 1213052461

Well it was a great match and I don't even like footie! I think I've fallen in love with the gorgeous guy who scored the first goal..although my hubbie says it was off side, what ever that means? Anyway we've had fire crackers and all sorts of celebrations tonight. Cheering and singing in the streets, a real carnival atmosphere. You know Holland could do it - Euro Champions 2008? Dutch football is alive and well after tonight. It can't help make me feel slightly uneasy at how bad this makes the lack of Englands' presence in this championship, shocking really.

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I take it from all the Orange bunting, the flags, all the Orange products in the suoermarkets and shops that the Dutch take their football very seriously! Will the shops and restaurants close when Holland are playing? When do they play their first Euro match, I feel as I wiil have to adopt them as my team this time as England disgraced themselves! Eggy

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Hello all! Does anyone know of any dance centers/schools in Rotterdam center or at least Rotterdam north of the Maas? I'm interested in centers that offer a variety of styles (modern, ballet, jazz, street dance, etc., not so much ballroom, salsa, etc.) for adults. Any info is appreciated!

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My 15 year old son is looking for a place to buy brand new authentic Nike T90 Laser (Firm Ground) soccer boots (UK size 8) in the Hague. We've looked around centrum but found imitations of the boots. Anyone know where we can an authorised and authentic nike dealer? EMM

started by: Bulldog-372989 · last update: 1211454938 · posted: 1211391300

Help, I am over in The Hague, anyone know where I can see the match tonight Grateful!

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I have friends staying from central France for the long weekend. They have 2 teenagers who want to know if they can go wake boarding?? I have no idea what it is and if they do it in Holland, can someone help?

started by: Slaphead-372946 · last update: 1209511659 · posted: 1209417266

Seeing as us Brit's have no team to support for Euro 2008, I was wondering what the views and thoughts are of Holland's chances are for Euro 2008. I live here so thought I might adopt them as my team to support..

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A group of us ladies of a certain age would like to have a Tour of the Hague on our bikes, nothing to strenous, just a gentle bike ride taking in the sights and a nice lunch to finish off with. Could you let us know who would be able to do this for us?

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Someone was saying that F1 is going to go back on the BBC which is the best news I've heard in ages, I only have Dutch TV so haven't seen it for ages. Any more details when it's coming?

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