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I heard on the radio the Dutch women's team had broken a world swimming record, I had no idea that the Swimming championships were being held in Holland, have I missed it?

started by: colin-371424 · last update: 1204909970 · posted: 1204836540

Any of you with Chanel 3 (ITV) might like to know Tottenham v PSV Eidhoven on tonight at 9pm, should be a good one!

started by: Rosy-371949 · last update: 1204410654 · posted: 1204289482

Something really upsetting has happened to me, yesterday I saw my neighbour for the first time since coming back from our skiing holiday, I work Monday to Wednesday so don't to see them much. She was very aggressive and said she was going to report us to the 'Diren' something or other for neglecting our cat whilst we were away. My friend was looking after the cat came in on her way home from picking her kids up from school (the have Dutch school hols, different to us) and she says the cat was fine, it had food & water and there is a cat flap in the garage door. What shall I do Rosy

started by: Bruno-372098 · last update: 1204147356 · posted: 1202939737

Hi, I am doing a New Year fittness and training and someone suggested (as a joke) that I should run this years's half marathon in The Hague. So I'm going to show them I can do it and run for Charity, I just need some details about registering, when it is etc..

started by: Peanut-372484 · last update: 1203981900 · posted: 1203975044

Does anyone know when this year's Roprarun is taking place.

started by: Liz-372091 · last update: 1203626046 · posted: 1203579915

Help, we received an email last night from my daughter's school saying there is now a place for her on the ski trip as someone has dropped out. They leave 5 a.m Saturday Morning. Where will I get ski clothes for her now? The shops are full of Spring and Summer clothes.

started by: Florence-372190 · last update: 1203109536 · posted: 1203109536

We are flying back to the UK for half term on Monday, does anyone know what the latest is on what I can take on as Hand luggage.

started by: Hero-372419 · last update: 1202761376 · posted: 1202737830

What is the postion on being able to get Sky TV here. I'm confused as some say it's legal to have it here, some say not. Anyone know where I stand?

started by: Paddy-372438 · last update: 1202146822 · posted: 1202115611

Does anyone know where I can get some more info on fishing in Holland? Cheers

started by: Daffy-372439 · last update: 1201974266 · posted: 1201959033

A few of the lads want to see the Match later, any idea if there's a pub in The Hague or Lieden where we can see it?

started by: Rozen-371641 · last update: 1200430323 · posted: 1200216927

Last year we missed it, and I think it happens around this time of year, the tickets sold out really quickly. Have I missed it?

started by: Margot-372344 · last update: 1200126800 · posted: 1200126800

I went to Snowworld in Zoetermeer and quite enjoyed the practice, prior to going skiing this year, but the slope is not that long for someone a bit more advanced than beginner. They told me theres a very long indoor ski slope over the other side of Holland in the south east, Landgraaf. Has anyone tried it out and could they tell me if its worth travelling that far to give it a go.

started by: Werner-371644 · last update: 1200072320 · posted: 1199992391

My son is off to ski/snow board with his school at the end of Feb. I would like to know where to buy reasonably priced ski wear and perhaps have a couple of lessons on a dry ski slope before he goes.

started by: Pedro-371889 · last update: 1199878700 · posted: 1199800994

We have friends visitng with their dog, we need a recommendation for a B&B in or around Rotterdam area.Cheers

started by: soon to be van de damn-372343 · last update: 1199876836 · posted: 1199826189

My parents will be visitng soon and I want to take them to the flower market. It's the one that you have to be up early in the morning to see all the trucks come in with the flowers. Anyone know which one I mean?

started by: Fiets-372043 · last update: 1196640023 · posted: 1196424751

We have been here since the autumn, what is becoming apparent is that my kids are way behind with their swimming, one of my daughters had grommets put in last year so can't swim for at least a year, but I need to get the others up to speed. Any birthday party involved with a swimming pool we are not included as the children have to be able to swim up to at least a standard of an A Diploma (I think this is correct?). The local swiming pool in Wassenaar seems to think that it will take at least 6 months to a year to get them to an A Diploma standard. Does anyone know where I can get private lessons?

started by: Joe Peters-371942 · last update: 1195747360 · posted: 1195727788

Well after last night's disater with England going out does anyone know how Holland are getting on with their qualifying matches. I really don't know what happened to English soccer last night. Terrible..

started by: David Mead-372086 · last update: 1195311253 · posted: 1194887149

I have just agreed to join members of my family on a skiing trip this Christmas, I am seriously out of shape, I need some one to help me get fit by the 22nd December.

started by: Vixen-372039 · last update: 1194640060 · posted: 1194112381

I would like to go Horse Riding, can anyone recommend a good stables? I have seen some people riding through the dunes and along the beaches and would love to resurrect my love of horse riding.

started by: colin-371424 · last update: 1194559349 · posted: 1194526862

Advice needed on how to get my 7 year old off her stabilizers? It seems most Dutch children coming cycling out of the womb! Any tips or help would be, thank you.

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