started by: Nine-371844 · last update: 1194551660 · posted: 1194531636

Would anyone know if the Delft Open Day is this weekend or next the 17th November?

started by: Werner-371644 · last update: 1193867779 · posted: 1193780333

I would like to say how much we have enjoyed the Dutch Portrait exhibition being held at the Mauriits house this season.

started by: Elton-372080 · last update: 1192449303 · posted: 1192141379

Hi, I've not been here long, are there any clubs or associations for Gay men in this part of south Holland?

started by: Billy-371474 · last update: 1192400109 · posted: 1191948691

Well my blood pressure is back to normal after the weekend Rugby! Where can some where suggest for a group of lads to watch the semi- final match on Saturday?

started by: Rozen-371641 · last update: 1191855872 · posted: 1191855872

Does anyone know when the Picasso exhibition comes to the Hague?

started by: Troy-371591 · last update: 1187813104 · posted: 1187557044

I would like to enrol my son in a Football team in September, are there any expat football clubs?

started by: Joe Peters-371942 · last update: 1187812840 · posted: 1187458791

Not long now, are there any pubs showing the matches where a few of 'the lads' can go and watch (The Hague area)

started by: Edward-371652 · last update: 1185209750 · posted: 1184337649

I'll be just outside Amsterdam on the weekend of 21 July when the final game between Australia and New Zealand will be played. I'd really like to see it. Does anyone know of a place or pub in Amsterdam where we might be able to see it? Ed

started by: Werner-371644 · last update: 1184831167 · posted: 1184798629

What month's are we allowed to go Night Fishing in Holland?

started by: Josey-371737 · last update: 1184501879 · posted: 1184139582

I would like my kids to do a summer tennis course this year, does anyone know of any taking place in the Hague or Voorschoten area?

started by: Danny-371870 · last update: 1184079569 · posted: 1183943035

I used to sail when I was a teenager and now working and living in Holland has inspired me to want to go sailing again as there is obviously a lot of water and the Dutch seem to be keen on sailing. Where can I go to hire a dinghy or small sailing boat on a lake (I'm not so keen on open sea sailing) and get back into the swing of sailing again. The web sites under 'sailing' on Angloinfo seem to be for sea sailing. Danny

started by: Cynthia-371672 · last update: 1182853471 · posted: 1182809925

Some one was telling us there was Horse Racing held in Wassenaar, if so does anyone know where it is?

started by: Lindy-371796 · last update: 1180771193 · posted: 1180682008

Can anyone recommend a good place where my son can get some sailing lessons for the summer holiday?

started by: Edward-371652 · last update: 1180347354 · posted: 1179474496

Does anyone know when and where this will be on? Ed

started by: colin-371424 · last update: 1179874016 · posted: 1179834762

Anyone know where a group of us can go and watch the final tomorrow night? AC Milan v Liverpool in case you didn't know!

started by: Troy-371591 · last update: 1179652747 · posted: 1179589660

Anyone know where I can see the game with a few other supporters?

started by: Troy-371591 · last update: 1179226750 · posted: 1179139969

How easy is it to apply for a golf handicap here in Holland?

started by: Jennifer-371314 · last update: 1179139758 · posted: 1179060357

Can anyone help with a good masters swim club, or a triathlon club with good swim training Jennifer

started by: Troy-371591 · last update: 1178874937 · posted: 1178805763

Any one know where a group of us expat dads could play some football and help burn off a few pounds as well?

started by: Dougal-371634 · last update: 1178363383 · posted: 1178224010

I am hoping for a Harley Davidson for my 'special birthday' next month. Does any one know of any Biking Clubs in Holland?

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