Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

A small company where you can learn and participate in parachuting, hand gliding and skydiving. They speak some English. At 17 Chemin Fried in Strasbourg (67).
Centre Ecole de Parachutisme Alsace
A parachuting school where you can also hand glide. They speak a little English. At Rue Guynemer in Strasbourg (67).
Bol dAir
A parachuting school, where they have a large range of other activities, such as canoeing and skiing. The manager speaks English. At 78 Rue du Hohneck in La Bresse (88).
A flying club that carries out stages, as well as more experienced flyers being able to practice. Some spoken French is necessary for lessons. At 17 Rue Principale in Lautenbach (68).
Aero-Club du Sud-Meusien
A flying club where they speak a little English. At 20 Place Saint Pierre in Bar le Duc (55).