Counselling & Therapists

Strasbourg Therapists & Counselling Services in Strasbourg.

Barbara graff Trenkel
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist based in Strasbourg. Counselling in English and German.
Nicolas Héry
Individual psychotherapy, child counselling, coaching, counselling for future and young parents, couple counselling and family therapy.
Rémi-Pierre Théolade
Clinical psychotherapist works with teenagers, adults and elderly. Practice based in Strasbourg.
Esther Ladwig
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist working with children, adolescents and adults.
Jennifer ILG
Psychology practice offer counselling and therapy for issues related to anxiety, fears, depression and educational support.
Heather Rosenstiel
Services offered include clinical psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic, family & couple therapy, psychoanalytic therapy and psycho-oncology.
Amaury Cullard
Psychologists and psychoanalysts based in Strasbourg.
Jessy Cannelle
Neuropsychologist offer counselling and therapy for children, parents, adolescents, mindfulness, perinatal counselling and emotional care.
Lenore McIntyre
A trained counsellor, therapist and life coach offers psychological counseling and life coaching, based at Turckheim.
Laure Léguillon - Bréhier
Experienced psychologist offering neuropsychological assessments and rehabilitation.
Elisabeth Engel
Psychologist, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst works with adults, adolescents and young adults.