Lawyers, Legal Advice & Notaires

Avocat Boychenko
Family law, labor law, criminal law and immigration law.
Alsace Enquêtes
Surveillance and investigations of personal or corporate matters, civil cases and commercial affairs. 
Dominique Lorch-Kalck
Office offering all notarial services in English and German. 
Petitjean & Petiedemange
Office offering all notarial services in English.
Sabine de Cian
Office offering all notarial services in English, German and Italian. 
PMGS Avocats & Abogado
Law firm dealing in labor law, real estate law, immigration law and elderly peoples law.
Dilbadi Gasimov
Assists with multiple areas of law in national courts and international organisations.
Maitre Weil Christine
Law firm based in Strasbourg and Wissembourb.
Rachel Lanz
Lawyer specialising in family law, criminal law, contract and liability law.
Joël Baï, Serge Constant, Benoît Pierrard, Damien Gegout and...
Office offering all notarial services in English.
David Donat
Legal guidance and representation in Mulhouse Downtown. Master degree in business law from the University of Montpellier, practices in the region of Mulhouse.
Bertrand Bilger
Office offering all notarial services in English.
Cabinet Hincker & Associes
Specialist in European law, human rights law, criminal law and family law. International practice in the field of human rights law and of international family law. 
Drillon Avocat
Deals with intellectual property law, contract law and business law.
Marjorie Bereza
Legal advise for companies and individuals in their negotiations in contract law, company law, tax law and civil law, as well as representing them in French Courts.
Cabinet Arnaud Muller
Advices companies and individuals, in the field of consulting and litigation.
BJSB Avocats
Based in Strasbourg, law firm deals in business law, criminal law, bankruptcy law, family law, labor law, administrative law  and trademark law.
Notaires de France
Website, with English version, listing all notaires offices in France and their competence in foreign languages.
Law firm based in Strasbourg.
Fabrice Pin
Office offering all notarial services in English.