BBC Radio
Website for all national BBC radio channels with possibility to listen live online.
BBC World Service
Website of the BBC World Service with link for live online listening.
France 24
French and international news, sports and weather in English available online or via free-to-air TV.
Postcode entry website for seven day weather forecast throughout France.
Yahoo Meteo France
Website with all the major towns in France listed offering todays and next four day forecast.
BBC Weather Centre World Weather
BBC website with five day forecast for regions in France.
monthly newspaper for English-speaking residents of France. Practical information and advice, news and whats on. Available in newsagents or by subscription. Free trial edition available from the website, updated daily.
Weather Online France
English website with six day weather forecast for all French regions. Very detailed for Strasbourg region.
France Daily
English website from WN Network with news about France and many international media links.
Meteo France
Official website of the French Meteorological Office (Meteo France) with todays weather forecast and satellite pictures.
Meteo France 2
Website of France 2 TV station with three day weather forecast by region.
Radio France International
English language page of RFI with details of daily English language broadcasts available on radio and the Internet.
Meteo Consult
Website with six hourly forecasts for the whole of France.
English website with links for fifteen day weather forecasts for major cities in France.
English website for worldwide weather forecasts, including all major French cities.