Online & Distance Therapy Services

Strasbourg Online Therapists & Distance Therapy Services in Strasbourg.

Anne Schirmeyer
Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst specialising in psychological assessment and treating post traumatic stress.
Stéphanie Dugué
Clinical psychological based in Strasbourg, specialising in work psychology. Online and face to face counselling.
N. Serra Erden
Clinical psychologist offers counselling and therapy sessions face to face and online.
Pinto Salomon
Child and adolescent psychologist offers counselling for behavioural disorders, lack of motivation, anxiety, low self-esteem and parent-child relationships. Online counselling available.
Gabriel Benoilid
Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practice based in Strasbourg. Online and face to face counselling.
Carmen Metzger
Clinical psychologist offers psychological support and psychotherapy. Online counselling also available.
Emilie Koechlin
Services offered include psychological support, parental guidance, assessment for adults and adolescents and reports for young children. Online counselling also possible.
Karen Weixel-Dixon
With experiences of over twenty years, offers counselling to individuals as well as couples.
Anna Chiche
Counselling sessions for adults, adolescents, children and elderly. Also offers home visits.
Roxana Oreviceanu
Offers Counseling, life coaching and hypnotherapy as well as solution-focused therapy approaches for family and marriage issues.
Nathalie Ribeiro Rego
Psychotherapy and Coaching practice based in Strasbourg.
Emeline Hubert
Services offered include adult therapy and coaching, adolescents and children therapy and personal development courses.