Property Rental Agents: Alsace

Guy Hoquet Colmar
Estate agent that deals with the sale, rental and purchase of properties.
Franck Berna Immobilier
Wide variety of real estate properties offered for rent and sale.
Offers expertise in the estimation, purchase and sale of properties in Alsace.
L'@gence Immobilière
Offers a wide range of real estate services in Alsace and Vosges.
En Apparté
Specializes in a wide range of seasonal rental services.
Agence Immobiliere Dromson
An estate agent that deals with the purchase, sale and rental of apartments, houses and land. They speak some English. At 9 Rue Marais Vert in Strasbourg (67).
Immobilière Haute Alsace
Property estimation, buying and selling services offered.
Stephane Plaza Real Estate
Buying and rental services offered for apartments, houses, villas, buildings and more.
ROC Immobilier & Consulting
Wide range of real estate services along with property consultation services offered.
Immobiliere Demoliere
Estate agent offers rent, sale and estimation of properties.
Joffre Immobilier
Apartments, commercial properties, land, local spaces, houses, parking lots, office spaces and more offered for sale and rent.
Real estate advisory and consultation services offered.
Riss Immobilier
Specializes in houses, apartments and buildings for rental services.
Agency offers a wide range of properties for sale and buying.
Laforet Immobilier
Real estate agency offers expertise in sale, purchase, rental, life annuity, rental management services.
All real estate transactions are dealt with at this estate agency. Sevrine speaks some English. At 10 Rue Albert Schweitzer in Ittenheim (67).
Immo Conseil DS
An estate agent that carries out all real estate transactions in the surrounding area. 
AM Immobilier
Services offered include sale and rental of real estate properties.
Raphaël Immo
Purchase, sale, estimation and rental services of properties offered.
Duchmann Immobiliere
Specializes in a range of services that include purchase, sale, rental and estimation of properties.
Immobiliere Baumann
An estate agent that specializes in the rental of several types of properties.
Mercor Agence Immobilière
Expertise offered in the sale, rental and purchase of houses, residences and apartments.
Eckert Immobilier
Buildings, apartments, houses, land and parking lots offered for sale.
Voltaire Immobilier
Provides a wide range of property purchase and rental services.
RAPP Real Estate Agency
Real estate property purchase and rental services offered.
Cabinet Mannarelli
An estate agent that deals with the sale, rental and purchase of properties such as apartments and houses in the local area. A little English spoken. At 56 Rue Verdun in Mulhouse (68).
Immobilier en Alsace
Estate agent offers a wide selection of properties located in Central Alsace.
Lefrang Immo Alsace
Located in the heart of the city, the estate agent specializes in a wide range of properties.
Cabinet Scheuer
Specializes in rental management as well as offers a wide variety of properties for sale and rent.
Immobilière Napoléon
Estate agent offers various properties for rent and sale as well as provides a range of rental management services.