Strasbourg & Bas-Rhin Restaurants

Le Madras
Indian restaurant serving classic and vegetarian dishes at 7 rue des Dentelles in the Petite France area of Strasbourg (67).
Restaurant A la Rose dOr
Typical Alsatian cuisine with family atmosphere. 44 rue principal, Durrenbach (67).
Tex Dream
Tex Mex and other international cuisine. Air conditioned and non-smoking room. Open 7 days a week. 130 Grand Rue, Haguenau (67).
Canas y Tapas
Tapas bar in the Spanish tradition. 12 quai St Nicolas, Strasbourg (67).
Japanese restaurant specialising in sashimi and teriyaki dishes. Open every day. 19 rue des Veaux, Strasbourg (67).
Traditional Alsatian restaurant specialising in tartes flambees. Open evenings only from 18:00, closed on Sundays and Mondays. At 22, rue Principale in the centre of Pfulgriesheim (67).
Broc en Stock
Italian restaurant with themed interior and dishes named after Tintin. Gnocchi and pizza are the house specialities. Closed Sundays. 15 quai des Pecheurs, Strasbourg (67).
Aux Mille Pates
Italian restaurant with outside terrace. Fresh pasta dishes are the speciality. 8 place Saint Etienne, Strasbourg (67).
Indian restaurant with all details of Indian decoration and menu. 2 rue des Bouchers, Strasbourg (67).
LAlsace a Table
Alsatian cuisine in brasserie/ bistro ambiance. Speciality is sea food. Open 7 days a week in town centre location. 8, rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Strasbourg (67).
La Maison Kammerzell
Restaurant in a building dating from 1427 serving traditional Alsation dishes such as foie gras, presskopf, coq au Riesling, baeckeoffe and waedele. The house speciality is a fish choucroute. At 16, place de la Cathedrale in Strasbourg (67)
Le Marronnier
Winstub and restaurant in a 17th century farm serving Alsatian specialities including tartes flambees. At 18, route de Saverne in Stutzheim (67).
Le Golbasi
Family run restaurant with Greek and Turkish specialities. Kebabs for take away are on sale. 35 GrandRue, Strasbourg (67).
Le Maharaja
Indian restaurant with full range of Indian dishes and curries. Open every day. 15 quai des Bateliers, Strasbourg (67).
Au Crocodile
Michelin-starred restaurant serving regional and French cuisine prepared by Emile Jung at 10, rue de lOutre France in Strasbourg (67). Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.
Typical Alsatian cuisine in the surroundings of an old mill. Non-smoking area and summer terrace. Open Monday - Friday. 7 rue de Mundolsheim, Lampertheim (67).
La Patrie
Restaurant specialising in Portuguese menus and desserts. Closed Sundays and Mondays. 1 rue des Balayeurs, Strasbourg (67).
LAncienne Douane
Restaurant serving Alsatian specilities including Tarte Flambee, Choucroute, Presskopf and Baeckoffe. At 6, rue de la Douane in Strasbourg (67).
Chez Michel
Speciality of this restaurant is moules frites (mussels and chips). Closed Wednesdays and Sundays. 8 rue dAusterlitz, Strasbourg (67).
Le Baeckeoffe dAlsace
Traditional restaurant specialising in dishes such as Baeckeoffe, Coq au Riesling and Tarte Flambee. At 14, rue des Moulins in the Petite France area of Strasbourg (67).
French restaurant with four different themed rooms. Range of set menus to choose from. Cooking workshops are also available. Located at 4 parc de lOrangerie, Strasbourg (67).
Le Saint Fiacre
Restaurant in old Strasbourg with Russian, Hungarian and Polish specialities. Flavoured vodkas. Closed Sundays. 86 rue Saint-Fiacre-Robertsau, Strasbourg (67).