Tennis, Squash & Racquet Sports

Tennis Club de Brunstatt
A tennis club offering courts and lessons to non-members. At Rue Canal in Brunstatt (68).
Squash du Reve
Squash and badminton courts available at this club for both adults and children. Open every week day from 09:00-23:00 and until 20:00 at the weekend. At Rue Lafayette in Maxeville (54).
Espace Loisirs
A sports centre that offers tennis and squash lessons. Also has a number of badminton courts. The teachers speak sufficient English. At 31 Route Rhin in Strasbourg (67).
ProVit Gym
Squash courts and lessons are available at this gym. At 8 Rue Baron Chouard zi Zornhoff in Monswiller (67).
A club with tennis, squash and badminton courts. Classes and competitions if some French is spoken. At 34 Rue Sabliere in Jarville la Malgrange (54).
Squash 3000 LEspace
A sports centre that has a number of squash, tennis and badminton courts. At Avenue Francois Mitterand in Mulhouse (68).
Tennis Club de Montigny
A tennis club with tennis courts available to non-members. At 5 Rue Canal in Montigny Les Metz (57).
Tennis Club
A tennis club with a number of courts available. At 17 Rue General de Gaulle in Fegersheim (67).
Sporting Club
A club with a number of squash and tennis courts. At 2 Rue Henri Dunant in Saint Julien les Metz (57).
Tennis Club Nancy
A club with 26 tennis courts on offer. Open every day, the club has a club house, a restaurant and a pool. At Parc de Loisirs Impasse Erables in Velaine en Haye (54).
S.O.S Forme
A fitness centre with squash courts that can be hired by non-members. At Pointiere 1, Rue Pre Doue in Chavelot (88).
Squash courts are available at this fitness centre, where customers will also find cardio classes and a sauna. Open every day, with free parking. At 4 Route Brumath in Mundolsheim (67).