Tennis, Squash & Racquet Sports

Squash 3000 LEspace
A sports centre that has a number of squash, tennis and badminton courts. At Avenue Francois Mitterand in Mulhouse (68).
Tennis Club Nancy
A club with 26 tennis courts on offer. Open every day, the club has a club house, a restaurant and a pool. At Parc de Loisirs Impasse Erables in Velaine en Haye (54).
Espace Loisirs
A sports centre that offers tennis and squash lessons. Also has a number of badminton courts. The teachers speak sufficient English. At 31 Route Rhin in Strasbourg (67).
Sporting Club
A club with a number of squash and tennis courts. At 2 Rue Henri Dunant in Saint Julien les Metz (57).
Squash courts are available at this fitness centre, where customers will also find cardio classes and a sauna. Open every day, with free parking. At 4 Route Brumath in Mundolsheim (67).
Tennis Club
A tennis club with a number of courts available. At 17 Rue General de Gaulle in Fegersheim (67).
Tennis Club de Montigny
A tennis club with tennis courts available to non-members. At 5 Rue Canal in Montigny Les Metz (57).
S.O.S Forme
A fitness centre with squash courts that can be hired by non-members. At Pointiere 1, Rue Pre Doue in Chavelot (88).
Squash du Reve
Squash and badminton courts available at this club for both adults and children. Open every week day from 09:00-23:00 and until 20:00 at the weekend. At Rue Lafayette in Maxeville (54).
A club with tennis, squash and badminton courts. Classes and competitions if some French is spoken. At 34 Rue Sabliere in Jarville la Malgrange (54).
ProVit Gym
Squash courts and lessons are available at this gym. At 8 Rue Baron Chouard zi Zornhoff in Monswiller (67).
Tennis Club de Brunstatt
A tennis club offering courts and lessons to non-members. At Rue Canal in Brunstatt (68).