Theatres, Music & Concert Venues

International but predominantly English-speaking amateur theatre group formed by staff association of the Council of Europe. Open to all. Many social events. See website for performances and venues. Contact David Crowe.
La Laiterie
Popular venue for rock and pop concerts. See website for concert details. Reservations and bookings can be made online. 13 rue Hohwald, Strasbourg (67).
PMC - Salles Erasme, Scweitzer
Classical music and choral music venue. Place de Bordeaux-Wacken, Strasbourg (67).
Concert venue for rock and pop bands. 34 boulevard dAustrasie, Nancy (54).
Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg
The cathedral has a number of concerts throughout the year, which are usually free. Large screen installed in the nave for organ concerts. See cathedral website and tourist office sites for dates. 1 rue de Rohan, Strasbourg (67).
La Filature
See website for full programme of theatre, dance and live concerts at this venue. 20 allee Nathan Katz, Mulhouse (68).
Plan dEau de Metz
Outside concert venue with events all year round. Saulcy, Metz (57).
Le 112
Concert venue and night club with regular live music and/or DJs. Located at Mairie de Terville, Route de Verdun, Terville (57).
Arsenal de Metz
Cultural centre providing concert halls and exhibition gallery. See website for full programme of events. Avenue Ney, Metz (57).
Opera de Nancy et Lorraine
Opera house. See website for current seasons programme. 1 rue Sainte-Catherine Nancy (54).
Opera National du Rhin
Strasbourgs Opera House. See the website for details of the seasonal programmes. 19 Place Broglie, Strasbourg (67).