Toys, Games & Hobbies

Zimmermann et Cie
A toy shop established in 1947, selling toys and games for all ages. At 24 Rue Vauban in Colmar (68).
A toy shop that sells a range of products suitable for both newborn babies and older toddlers. At 8 Rue Commerce in Vendenheim (67).
Mouton Rouge
Cross stitch embroidery kits with modern drawings and bright colours. Collections of illustrated stories, small animals and models for all occasions. Can be purchased through specialised outlets, through the website or by telephone.
A large toy store, with a wide range of childrens toys, games and school equipment. At Centre Commercial Ile Napoleon, 8 Rue de Berne in Illzach (68).
A company that specialises in the creation of mini vehicles, such as trucks, tractors and diggers. Old and rare models available. At 14 Rue Liberation in Wingersheim (67).
A shop which is said to have the largest range of video games in the region, it also sells other related products. At 24 Rue du Rampart in Colmar (68).
King Jouet
One of a chain of toy stores selling a wide range of toys and games. At Lot. Commercial de la Canaire in Commercy (55).
Nancy Train
A scale model shop that specialises in trains. At 4 Rue Commanderie in Nancy (54).
Helmey Lines
A range of games on offer in this store. At 6 Rue du Grand Rabbin Bloch in Haguenau (67).
Dock Games
A store selling video games that are both new and second hand. At Centre Commercial Saint Jacques in Metz (57).
A toy shop that sells a range of board games, puzzles and card games. At 12 Rue Grange in Strasbourg (67).
This shop sells scale models, such as cars, boats and airplanes. At 12 Rue Premiere Armee Francaise in Morschwiller (68).