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hos much does it cost

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Hi Planning to buy a small classic French reg car in Forbach. The weight is 1070 kgs. The seller said the car is drivable without a CT..   I'm looking for someone to transport the car from Forbach  back to the Reading area in mid April... Could anyone recommend someone or, a small firm. who could transport it?  Hope someone can assist! Many thanks.

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What are the proceedures for buying a UK reg car in France please? And, just out of interest, would you do it if you lived here peramently?

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If I bought a German Reg car, would I have to register it here in France? I see so many German plated cars that I doubt if they are all registered.

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Is there such as thing as an Oyster card or a weekly travel pass for transport in Strasbourg?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to rent a bike in Strasbourg and drop it in another city such as Basel? Perhaps send it back on a train? I am travelling for three weeks and do not want to bring a bike from Canada and drag it around my entire trip, as I would only be cycling for  about 7 days. Any insight would help. thank you, Dave Beattie

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a company that hires motos or scooters for a day? Not sure if they exist but thought someone might know?

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I own the world's most dirtiest car intenally and externally. Is there a comnpany people have used for a full valet service that they would recommend? One that comes to the house would be even better.

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I would like to have an advert for my business made for my car rear window. Does anyone know of a company that could do this for me?

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 can anyone tell me if there is a "Vehicle check" in france. for checking the history of a vehicle,outstanding finance,stolen ect.  phil

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hi there, if anyone is selling a family size car, ten years or less can you let us know. and if we purchase one in Germany what sort of painful paperwork will there be..or is it all just drive it across and park it in Strasbourg.. thanks..

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Has anyone driven to Lake Constance and if so how long did it take? Want to take a holiday there and avoid toll roads is possible. Thanks.

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I recently aquired a Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI and wondered if anyone could tell me how often the timing belt need changing on one of these? it's done 157,000 kms

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Is there a French equivalent of the UK store Halfords where I can get car accessories, radios, alloy wheels that sort of a thing?

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hi I would like to move a sofa from lorraine to etretat (Normandy) - can anyone quote me for this it is 170xy85 x 65  or is someone got an empty space and going to the UK - (calais/dieppe etc) and I can meet and pick it up there  Thank you

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My new year's resolution is to begin (re begin!) my driving lessons but my French isn't really up to it. Does anyone happen to know of a school with English speaking instructors in Strasbourg?

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Any advice welcome re registering a UK classic car in France.

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I just heard that it is now mandatory to carry a breathalyser in your car but I have no idea where to get one or how to ask for it in French, help!!

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How do I obtain one for a SAAB? Metz area.

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Hi, I'm moving to Strasbourg next week. I would like to buy an inexpensive second hand bike, preferably a 'cruiser style.' Does anybody have any suggestions on where to look? Thanks for your time in advance : )

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