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I'm heading over to strasbourg with my boyfriend for the weekend, can anyone recommend a good restaurant? i'm open to any options!

started by: EllieGibbs · last update: 1431103612 · posted: 1431103612

Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move.  Thanks and all the best,  Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv    020 7598 7209

started by: Dizzie Izzy · last update: 1427807687 · posted: 1427807687

Apparently in May there's the festival of Europe Strasbourg. What happens during this festival, talks and things?

started by: Grant-903641 · last update: 1415700413 · posted: 1415360269

Is the Wales Australia game being shown tomorrow anywhere in Strasbourg?

started by: Dizzie Izzy · last update: 1415009514 · posted: 1414756814

Can someone advise the cheapest and most convinient way to travel to Paris please? Also, where do I get tickets to watch the tennis? Is there a website?

started by: Mr Meltzer · last update: 1414092551 · posted: 1411562444

Are thing things still in existence and do they have one in Strasbourg somewhere? What would it be called in French so I can search further afield if need be?

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Les sous-titres du rock !Samedi 18 octobre 2014 à 15hThe Bookworm - 3, rue de Pâques, 67000 Strasbourg"Les films en VO sont sous-titrés pour les comprendre, pourquoi pas les chansons ? Rendez-vous le 18 octobre !" - Nicolas Laustriat, Auteur"Pas étonnant que Nicolas en soit venu à élaborer un atelier musical ! A brand new and thrilling musical workshop !"- Laurence Peltier, The Bookworm manager---------------------------------------------------------------------------Présentation du volume 1 de la collection Les sous-titres du rock.Lieu : The Bookworm - 3, rue de Pâques, 67000 Strasbourg.Entrée gratuite sur inscription.Inscription (au choix) : - par mail > lessoustitresdurock@gmail.com- au 06 84 94 67 32

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Listen to singer guitarist Jules Fabry live in the studio Live Lounge     Two hours of the best folk ,rock and blues too      www.radiocoteaux.com      Commedy + Music Whats Ons  +   Follow us on Facebook and listen to previous shows on www.facebook.com/theexpatshow      Dont forget the world proverb competition   vote now ! We need your requests and comments and  our new CD Live Lounge for Unicef available from 27th September    Details will be on our Facebook site  next week   Thanks Steve and Jeff on The EXpat Show  

started by: Grant-903641 · last update: 1407506688 · posted: 1407148180

Is there a burlesque dancing club in Strasbourg does anyone know?

started by: Mr Meltzer · last update: 1403087768 · posted: 1401963938

Is there a bar or venue that plays background jazz in a quiet relaxed atmosphere?  

started by: Aimee-903639 · last update: 1401457703 · posted: 1401282884

I noticed this film is showing at the moment in the cinemas. Anyone seen it yet and is it worth the entrance fee?

started by: Strasbourgn00b · last update: 1398675616 · posted: 1397814950

Is anyone planning on travelling to the Cannes Film Festival this year? If so, would you like company?

started by: Livemuiscfrance · last update: 1389819223 · posted: 1389819223

Started on Sunday 5th January on Radio Coteaux  listen anywhere on:  http://www.radiocoteaux.com/    Which is a comunity radio station 2hrs of great music - blues, folk ,rock and country with whats on events, comedy slot ,local talent and much more chat too  -      Find us on:   https://www.facebook.com/theexpatshow     Click on the podcast to hear the shows you missed Hope you will listen in!         Mail livemusicfrance@gmail.com to contact Jeff   This is not a commercial business    We play the music from the now and the music you forgot you loved !     

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Where's the best place to take the children to see a musical. I would have to be within an hour and a bit's drive of Strasbourg. Thanks

started by: Strasbourgn00b · last update: 1386766729 · posted: 1384542233

Where's the best and when does it start (Christmas market)?

started by: Aimee-903639 · last update: 1386344068 · posted: 1386149234

Has anybody seen this film? It seems to be very popular in the French cinemas at the moment. Just wondering if it really is that good!?

started by: Chipie-4886 · last update: 1383569528 · posted: 1383392526

Does anyone know where I can see Woody Allen's latest opus, Blue Jasmin in English please? I'm in Strasbourg.

started by: Dizzie Izzy · last update: 1382455591 · posted: 1382029260

Looking at all the films on in English at the moment in the AngloINFO film guide. Want to go on Saturday to see one but just can't make up my mind. Anybody have a recommendation? http://strasbourg.angloinfo.com/whatson/movies

started by: Aimee-903639 · last update: 1379449267 · posted: 1378839128

Does anyone know if A Place Beyond The Pines is still being shown in France in English, please?

started by: Aimee-903639 · last update: 1379112801 · posted: 1376323231

Looking for a little indie-type music venue for guitar bands and the like. Anyone know of anywhere like this in Strasbourg?

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