started by: Billykids · last update: 1478182652 · posted: 1379442532

Looking for a bit of advice - is there any where I can find a decent breakfast at around 7am, within 5 minutes of strasbourg rail station? Thanks!

started by: Strasbourgn00b · last update: 1426807037 · posted: 1424170927

Big 50th birthday coming up and would like to give the birthday lady a cake to celebrate. Does anyone know anyone that can make large novelty cakes in the shape of things like sofas and soft furnishings (to scale - not actual size!).

started by: Strasbourgn00b · last update: 1416928561 · posted: 1415194050

Aer there any in Strasbourg, and if there are more than one can you recommend the best please? Got visitors arriving in the next few weeks with dietry requirements.

started by: Dizzie Izzy · last update: 1416396577 · posted: 1415796519

Does Strasbourg ever have special gastronmy weeks or anything like that?

started by: Marielogan · last update: 1407144201 · posted: 1406034661

Hi all, i've recently moved to strasbourg and am looking for a cafe which has the best view of the city. Somewhere nice and high would be nice. Any suggestions?

started by: Mr Meltzer · last update: 1403695123 · posted: 1403695123

Where, in your opinion is the bet value / tasting menu of the day? Can be anywhere in Alsace...

started by: Aimee-903639 · last update: 1398255267 · posted: 1397475170

Is there a good Indian restaurant in the area? Looking for one where the peshwari naan is actually naan and not crispy and thin!

started by: Chipie-4886 · last update: 1394632684 · posted: 1393250338

Does anyone know where I can find fish and chips here in Strasbourg please?

started by: Aimee-903639 · last update: 1389715407 · posted: 1388500911

Is there a shop selling UK foods like Cadbury Roses, chocolate oranges and that sort of thing in Strasbourg?

started by: Xttina.Garnet · last update: 1385763512 · posted: 1384997844

Does anyone know a place near or in Strasbourg where you can get a Turkey? Fresh cranberries and yams would also be great. I'm doing a Thanksgiving thing for some French friends.  

started by: Dizzie Izzy · last update: 1376047332 · posted: 1373633020

What's the tastiest coffee (non-instant) that you've had here? I've bought a few packs and I've not been impressed.

started by: Dizzie Izzy · last update: 1374483488 · posted: 1373633055

Is this available in France? If so what's it called? Thanks!

started by: hayly · last update: 1368588388 · posted: 1354651535

Can anyone recommend a good stall for authentic ginger bread at the Christmas market so I don't get ripped off like last year?  

started by: Neil1979 · last update: 1363604335 · posted: 1363381895

Hi- does anyone know of a shop where I can buy thai and indian spices in the Strasbourg area? Thanks

started by: ilan · last update: 1363375355 · posted: 1332960546

I would like to buy my girlfriend a hand made easter egg but it needs to be made with soja chocolate as she doesn't eat milk products. Can anyone advise me?

started by: Chipie-4886 · last update: 1358868369 · posted: 1358439392

I feel like exploring world cuisine a little. Can anyone recommend a restaurant that might surprise me in Strasbourg; keeping in mind that I am a vegetarian so no bush meat thanks!

started by: Chipie-4886 · last update: 1355326296 · posted: 1355326296

I would like to do a traditional French Christmas meal this year with a lot of nice fresh sea food like oysters and sea urchins. Can anyone recommend a fish monger in central Strasbourg I could go to?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1355158154 · posted: 1352839427

I am thinking about buying food and wine gifts for my family this year. Do you know of any food fairs coming up in Strasbourg in the run up to Christmas?

started by: Chipie-4886 · last update: 1354120282 · posted: 1353423414

I teach English here and my students would like to experience a real English meal for their last lesson before Christmas. Can anyone advise me on an English restaurant in or around Strasbourg?

started by: TBJ-478421 · last update: 1349201387 · posted: 1348142850

Any recommendations please for a good restaurant in Strasbourg that serves vegetarian food?

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