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Hello, My husband and I are both retirees and will need some health care insurance before retiring to France. I am 62 , he is 60. Can anyone recommend a good company that we can use? I have seen the name Bupa at times...I know the costs depends on the deductable ... for instance, with a $500 deductable could anyone give us an idea as to the monthy cost?   Thanks in advance!

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Hello, My husband and I have quite comprehensive coverage with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and according to Blue Card World Wide, we have both doctor visits and hospitlaztion coverage thoughout Europe with many in network doctors in Strasbourg, France. Does anyone know if this is acceptalbe coverage to France as far as us residing there or would we need to choose one of their own health care insurance companies? We are covered 100% with both doctors and hospitals that are in network in France and are hoping that this will be all we need to reside there. I also and an EU citizen (dual-citizenship with Italy)  not sure if that will do anything for us.   Thanks in advance!  

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When you find out you are pregnant in France who should you go to see first the GP or the gynecologist?

started by: Strasbourgn00b · last update: 1402999002 · posted: 1402489800

Can I use my EHIC (blue card thingy from the NHS) for medical cover in France?

started by: Mr Meltzer · last update: 1402567965 · posted: 1401701123

Are you using a health insurance provider? Would you recommend them? I've not ailments currently, but you can never be too careful!  

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Looking for an English-speaking hairdresser for my wife please.

started by: exbrat · last update: 1391864119 · posted: 1391862560

Hello, does anyone know of an English speaking doctor in any of the following towns? Rombach le Franc, Liepvre or St. Marie aux Mines. Failing that, as I speak a fair amount of German, a German speaking one. I ask as I am shortly moving to this area and would like to have such information to hand. Any info on this would be very much appreciated.

started by: George Henning-Ross · last update: 1383085990 · posted: 1383056185

Having been diagnosed with IBM several years ago in London, I am now living in Strasbourg.  Is it possible that anyone else in this city or nearby that also has the same disease?  I wonder what you are doing about treatment and what doctor(s) you are seeing. Any response would be welcome.

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Does anyone know of an English (preferably child) psychologist in the Strasbourg area?

started by: hayly · last update: 1376392782 · posted: 1329744473

I really need to have my highlights re-doing but I don't want to spend over 100€ including a cut and blow. Does anyone know of a salon I could try in Strasbourg?

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My husband has registered with CPAM through work and is in the process of recieving his card. I, however, am not currently employed and am not certain how to go about registering myself. I am not an EU Citizen, but have a carte de sejour (and European Health Card) I am in the first trimester of my pregnancy (found out rather late) and have realised in looking at the information I will be given that/need to provide that I have neglected to register and have absolutely no idea how to do it. How do I even start?

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Does anyone know of an ante natal class taking place in Strasbourg for English speakers?

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I am interested in having my teeth whitened but I'm a little worried about damaging my enamel. Any ideas, recommendations or own experiences to share with me?

started by: hayly · last update: 1354033614 · posted: 1353440987

I am interested in having Shellac nails applied. Can anyone recommend a salon in Strasbourg please? Preferably English speaking!

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Can anyone recommend a good (preferably English speaking) barber in central Strasbourg?

started by: MsLolitaK · last update: 1344941558 · posted: 1340921276

Hallo I just moved to Strasbourg 1 month ago and really need to see the dentist,the one that speaks english.Please if you know any you can email me at mslolitak@yahoo.comThanks

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Hello,I am looking for a physiotherapist in Strasbourg who speaks English, can anyone help?

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As a sole trader I am not covered should I fall ill and be unable to work. I'd like to take out a Prevoyance insurance. Does anyone have a recommendation for me?

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I recently went to the hospital and the nurse told me my carte vitale needs to be updated but I couldn't understand how to get it up to date. Can anyone fill me in and why does it need updating in the first place?

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Hi, I have to take a medical as I have just started a new job here. Can someone recommend me an english speaking doctor in Strasbourg? Thanks

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