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Can anyone recommend an opthalmologist that offers emergency appointments? I think I have conjunctivitis in my right eye as I have the impression someone keeps throwing sand in it. Thanks in advance!!

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I am a tourist.Can anyone give me information where I can get a prescription refilled? HELP!!!

started by: hayly · last update: 1313487581 · posted: 1313072661

I would like to have an Xray taken of my knee which has been swollen for weeks. Do I need to go via a GP or go straight to the radiologist here in France?

started by: kooky-1307 · last update: 1313308818 · posted: 1312886022

Hello, I need to find a hairdresser specialising in Afro hair. Any ideas please?

started by: kooky-1307 · last update: 1309878731 · posted: 1309529350

Hello everyone. I need to find a local hypnotherapist to help me stop smoking, after trying just about everything else. She or he doesn't need to be English speaking. Please give me your recommendations.

started by: ilan · last update: 1300297753 · posted: 1300011192

I am looking for a good mutuelle offering good reimbursements for optics in particular. Can you recommend your mutuelle to me?

started by: hayly · last update: 1298571847 · posted: 1297965298

Does anyone know of a mobile masseuse? I don't have a lot of free time and I really need a regular massage at my home in Colmar by a massage professional. Swedish massage preferably.

started by: kooky-1307 · last update: 1296559610 · posted: 1296559610

I have seen loads of 'osteos' and 'kines' here in France but never a chiropractor. I'm not really sure what the difference between the latter and an osteopath is but does anyone know if they even exist here?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1289841686 · posted: 1289647919

I have been told that the French state only reimburses 6€ for prescription glasses? Is this true?

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Does anyone know where I can find a list of English speaking doctors (general paractioners) in Strasbourg?

started by: hayly · last update: 1285002266 · posted: 1284579751

I heard last night that there has been a case of Dengué fever in the south of France. Should we be concerned by this or take special precautions as far as mosquitos are concerned?

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Hello, I am looking for a physiotherapist in Strasbourg who speaks English, can anyone help?

started by: MrsMecasonic · last update: 1283854475 · posted: 1283271421

Hi there When in the uk, I stock up on my fave products - soap n glory face n body, and Aussi hair care. I was just wondering, as my last visit to the uk was AGES ago, and my next one probably won't be until the new year, if anybody knows of anywhere I can buy these products locally? Please please please let me know if you do...have found an 'it'll do' alternative to Aussi, but nothing to match soap n glory. Thanks in advance Ruth

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Hi, After a couple of mishaps with french speaking hairdressers, I have come to the conclusion that my french is certainly not good enough for me to end up with what I'm after, and my other half isn't always available when the hairdresser is! So I'm giving in and trying to find someone who can cut my hair how I want it, on a long term basis (also my 12 year old daughters)!! (Not the fault of the french speaking hairdressers I hasten to add - its totally down to my rubbish french - which I am desperately working on!) So, any suggestions gratefully received (I live in Mutzig, but can get to Strasbourg - or maybe home visits?? Also, I'm not super rich, so reasonable prices too please) Thanks hopefully Ruth

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I am looking for a recmmendation for a family mutuelle. Covering in particular physiotherapy and dentistry. Any ideas?

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Can anyone advise me? I am yet to receive my carte vitale (mix up due to me changing status from a profession liberale to a SARL) and I was told by the RAM that if I need to go to the docs I can and it will be reimbursed later. Can I trust this advice?

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I don't live in the area - I'm based close to the Dordogne but a Dr i now has recommend I see a specialist at CHU hospital in Nancy. I'd be really grateful for any feedback regarding what this hospital is like.

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Does anyone have one of these and if so, are the benefits worth going to the bother of taking out the card?

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After years of back pain the doctor here thinks i may have a hernia and is sending me for a scan. The word hernia has terrified me because i am only 29 and usually its something old men get in their groin as far as i have heard. Can anyone give me some advice?

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I need to get one of these because I have been going to the docs more than usual recently and its starting to cost me a fortune. Are they all similar or can someone recommend one in particular?

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