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I bought two reversable air con units from brico depot and I can't get anyone to come and fit them! Does anyone know of a fitter who can do this for me?I live near Colmar.

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I am staying in strasbourg for a few months and have just moved into my flat. I find that there is no wardrobe or mirror and other similar items so I would like to go out and buy some. I do not have a car and so it needs to be somewhere in central strasbourg or on a bus or tram route. Help and suggestions welcomed :) Thanks! 

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The new facebook page GARDENERS IN FRANCE are looking for new members - anyone from absolute beginners to more experienced gardeners to share advice and tips and what grows sucessfully where througout the country.  It would be great to see more members from your area - have a look at the fb page GARDENERS IN FRANCE - or I have added a link below

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I need someone to supply and fit and water heater. We have electric at the moment but would love to be able to get instant hot water with a gas model.

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Anyone any tips for removing tile grout from the surface of a porus tile?

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Hello! My husband and I are looking to buy a vacation home in rural Alsace and have a scouting trip planned for July. Does anyone have a recommendation for a real estate agent that speaks English?

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Where do I get gas bottle (butane) for a mobile gas heater?

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Is this possible here in France? I'd need a package with someone that offers unlimited data because I'd want to use it for streaming movies and video from YouTube. Any ideas?

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Does anyone know of a chap that can look over a lawnmower and service it? I know it's not quite the time of year for lawn mowing but want to get this job tackled sooner rather than later.  

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Can someone advise me how much I should be paying approximately for a steer of firewood please?

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Where would I get lagging for a hot water heater and extra insulation for the attic from? I guess I could pay someone but I think I can do these jobs on my own.

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Anyone used a solar-powered pump to power a water feature / fountain in their garden? Was it a sucessful experiment?

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Anyone recommend a masory paint stocked here in France?

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What alarm systems do people have in their homes? I don't want a system where I have to pay a monthly fee, but I don't want a lemon either. Any advice gratefully received.

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Can you watch Orange TV without using one of these 'Live' boxes?  

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Has anyone come across a place tha sells quality white good for a good price?

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Saw an advert for a steamer on television that appears to be able to clean pretty much anything. Do they actually work? Has anyone got any experience with them?

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hi there , does anyone have any ideas how much a three to four bed house would be to rent in the area around Parc Amelie? We don't want an apartment but would prefer something with a garden too. could anyone also advice on other areas where there is good transport into the life of the city but there is also some nature/ parks etc.. nearby ( yes , i know i want everything) regards louie

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What energy supplier are you using? is it easy to change here?

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Not knowing anything of toaster (after having my last one for 40 years) can anyone advise what is a good brand of toaster nowadays please? (One that can be bought in France).

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