Convector heaters

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I've been given a couple of wall mounted electric heaters, they look like small radiators and I imagine they are convector heaters. I would only use them as a back up or in a spare room but are they expensive to run?

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Bunty-68 1161903132

I think they're fairly economical as long as it's purely back up extras or maybe airing a spare room ready for visitors, but I would imagine they'd be pretty expensive, comparatively, as a main source of heating.

jimjam-161 1162335745

We had some already in place when we moved in but they worked out expensive as we had nothing else. We now have a wood burner and only use the electric ones in the spare room to take the chill off when it's really cold, and to avoid damp. They're ok if you use them when the room is only used occasionally.

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