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Where do I get gas bottle (butane) for a mobile gas heater?

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Bad Penny 1422897439

Almost any supermarket sells bottled lpg.  You pay a deposit and fill out a form for the bottle.  Keep the receipt in case you may want your deposit back at some point.

Strasbourgn00b 1422957743

Thanks Penny.

I can get the contract for the gas at the supermarket then? That's handy. In Spain we had to go off to a separate depot and buy our first one from there. France seems much easier!

Bad Penny 1422965476

Yes, it's very easy and straightforward.  Don't be too concerned about it being a "contract".  You can take the bottle anywhere that sells the same type (colour) for a refill without having to show the original receipt.  Most people have two so there is always one in hand.  Invariably it will run out with something half cooked in the oven.

Strasbourgn00b 1425031679

Thanks for the response Penny. All sorted and on your advice, we've bought two!

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