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Does anyone know anything about computers and can help me? I am a complete technophobe, but was trying to install a free demo version of a firewall on my laptop. The computer went to restart, it turned off, but then wouldn't turn back on again. I have tried going back onto windows in safe mode and have deleted the offending file, but the computer is still glitching. The blue bar at the bottom of the screen will not appear and it is really slow. If I turn it off it will not access windows automatically. Any advice? Am currently using a friend's computer in case you were wondering.

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TomP-191 1167757345

I'm not exactly an expert with computers, but here goes...

There is supposedly a button in the start menu that says help and support. If you click on that somehow you can restore last weeks settings. However if you have saved any documents and files in the last week and not backed them up you will lose them.

Another way I think is to try F10 in setup and follow the instructions.

I hope this helps.

phil-51 1167832198

what system areyou running? windows? mac?


Mathilda-241 1167838548

I am running windows.

phil-51 1167856556

XP? and is it in french or english.


Mathilda-241 1167904413

It's an English laptop. Don't think it is XP.

phil-51 1167905738

mine's in french. i can't remember the commandes in english. if you've got XP. click on start. then tools&help. then restore system.

and if you've got 98,2000 i think you'll need the windows cd-rom.


Mathilda-241 1167919688

Thanks Phil. I will try it and let you know.

Mathilda-241 1167994955


I handed my computer over to a friend and he tried what you suggested. It appears to be working now.

Thanks alot for your help.

Think I may need to take a few IT lessons!!!

phil-51 1167996380

i'm no expert. learnt from past experiences.


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