How much for a stere?

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Can someone advise me how much I should be paying approximately for a steer of firewood please?

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Grant-903641 1422376485

I've been advise that about €70 seems about right. I'm not in a position to personally confirm as I've got central heating.

Mr Meltzer 1422524583

To be honest I think 70€ is a bit over the top. What sort of wood is it and how long has it been seasoned?

Aimee-903639 1422613691

Thanks for the replies.

It's been cut to manageable lengths and seems to be quite dry. It's a hard wood too, I think.

FiHodges-3407 1422858863

I paid 57 euros per stere for chene and hetre cut into 33's - I got 12 steres delivered because the woodburner is our main source of heat, and I have to supply the gite (but guests pay a little for the privilege of burning my wood!).    I found leboncoin was the best route to finding a very local supplier!

Aimee-903639 1422871724

Thanks Fi, I'd never thought about looking of Leboncoin.

I think that I got a fairly good deal from a local chap as the wood is hard and dry. Paid 60 something a stere and was worried that I'd been ripped off after comments I'd received.

Thanks all for confirming that I'm paying an amount in the right ball park.

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