Numericable Ok or not?

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I want to get an internet and telephone package with numericable but have heard different view points about them. Can anyone tell me if they are happy with their numericable service?

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jeffi 1280225364

I have had a few hiccups with numericable actually, over three years i have had about a dozen internet cuts and countless periods of weak signal, even with a cable connection. On the phone the operator tries to get you off the line asap by telling you it is a problem with your computer, when in fact that's a load of rubbish. Not sure if any other suppliers are better really...

ilan 1280338990

I see. Maybe I will try France Telecom then? Heard anything good about them?

Espanola 1280428865

I have a TV, internet and phone package with France Telecom for 50 Euros a month and Im pretty happy with it although it could be considered arther expensive. All depends how much you are willing to shelll out.

ilan 1280745589

I see. Thanks Kooky will get on to FT and see.

hayly 1281023889

We have a package with Free. We have TV, internet and telephone including free land line calls for about 30€ per month. Good all round service. I can definitely recommend them if it is not too late.

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