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Can you watch Orange TV without using one of these 'Live' boxes?  

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Grant-903641 1395046990

I thnk the answer in short is no. The Orange box has a special piece of software I believe. Try an alternative like Apple TV or just get an Ouya!

Strasbourgn00b 1395134671

Thanks for the tip. I'll forget that idea about getting an n-draft router and increasing the range and speed then.

Grant-903641 1395341659

I would forget about the Orange TV and get the router!

Strasbourgn00b 1395396671

Thanks for the advice. What alternatives do you suggest?

Aimee-903639 1398255191

We have a d-link router and it works really well.

Strasbourgn00b 1398675702

And you've had no problems with it at all? What model is it, did you opt for a really expensive one or do the modestly priced ones suffice?

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