Recommendation for English speaking realtor?

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Hello! My husband and I are looking to buy a vacation home in rural Alsace and have a scouting trip planned for July. Does anyone have a recommendation for a real estate agent that speaks English?

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Good luck with your search - I think the searching bit is so much fun.

There's a list of estate agents that I've seen on this website here:

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Hi, we wish you well with your search.  We bought our house through Rosemary at

Immobiliere de Pays du Hanau, 15 rue du Canal, Bouxwiller.

Rosemary does speak a tiny bit of English but her husband speaks very good English and because she was worried we wouldn't understand her French or German she brought him along to translate.  They have been so helpful since we bought the house we would definitely recommend them.  If you want to meet up if you ever this way just drop us a line, we would love to make some new friends in the area.

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