Steamers are they worth it?

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Saw an advert for a steamer on television that appears to be able to clean pretty much anything. Do they actually work? Has anyone got any experience with them?

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Strasbourgn00b 1382630408

And they appear to be able to get creases out of clothes too? Is this right?

Mr Meltzer 1382716891

Mixed reuslts. Admittedly I've got an old school steamer and it gets dirt and pet hair out the rugs really well, but can't say it does much to our fabric sofa.

Never used it on clothes.

Aimee-903639 1382958901

I always take these adverts with a pinch of salt. I remember getting excited about a paint roller that you tip the paint inside. It then supposed to dispense it when applied to a wall.

I bought one and didn't finish a wall before the pressure I was applying to get the paint out of it casued the plastic housing to explode into numerous pieces. They didn't show you that on the advert.

Aimee-903639 1383086066

Thought of you today. GroupOn have got a 5-in-1 floor steamer for sale at £49.99 at the moment.

Strasbourgn00b 1383327045

Didn't deliver to France. If I could find a simialr deal here I'd be sold!

Xttina.Garnet 1385421235

My ex had a steamer and it made beautiful vegitables and all he needed to do was set the timer and go do someting else for 40 minutes. We also put chicken in there, with mixed results. 

Dizzie Izzy 1385478073

Steamed vegetables are really healthy as they don't lose the nutrients in the cooking process. We've got one too.

I think SN needs to clarify what sort of steamer they are talking about.

Strasbourgn00b 1385661213

Hi, yes. I was talking about the steam cleaners initially.

However, I'm now thinking abotu getting a steamer for cooking vegetables. What brands do you recommend?

Dizzie Izzy 1385763430

In my experience I would recommend a food steamer but not the steam cleaner unless it is very well priced.

BTW I believe you can also steam your vegetables in the dishwasher by placing them in a water tight container!

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