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Does anyone know if tomato plants needs to be protected from rain, or if they will be fine in a pot in the garden? Thanks!

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hayly 1270058393

I remember my grand father growing tomatoes in Yorkshire when I was a child but they were always grown in a green house...I think they need sheltering and to be kep warm!

Mimi-4369 1270114066

I guess a green house would be the best but in the lack of one... I will try anyway! I love tomatoes!

helenerica-1921 1271090751

HELLO, My husband tomato plants where grown from seeds they are now about five cm high with four leafs they have been kept in the living room he takes them out in the morning if it is warm and sunny and brings them back in in the evening as we also have no green house depending on the weather,they will be planted outside when they are big enough,as they are quite fragile.
Good luck

Mimi-4369 1271149793

Thats a good idea Helenerica! I bought mine being already 15cm high, and they seem to keep find outside -protected from wind but still taking the rain. Hope they give lots of tomatoes!

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