Winter Planting

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Hello, non- gardener back again, what plants, if any, should I be putting in now?

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dora-115 1162916274

I always find the guys at Gamme Verte really helpful,otherwise you could try

doodle-162 1163011232

Spring flowering bulbs, crocus, daffs etc. If you have access to English tele, Friday night seems to be gardening night so see what they're advising ( they even give weather forecasts, irrelevant to us in the main but shows they're seasonal )

roz-89 1163077650

You can buy bulbs in practically any supermarket. As a gardening ' virgin ' you might want to try planting some in pots and compare the results with the ones planted directly into the ground. Pots give you a bit more control during tough weather and you can always bring them indoors when they flower.

jackie-88 1163504880

Thanks for all the advice and I've now got lots of bulbs planted, but in the process I learned a valuable lesson with regard to using Pages Jaunes on-line.As you all probably know there is the English language option, which I duly selected and put in 'Garden Services'. I got a few numbers and spoke to a very nice man who went off to find an English speaker. They seemed rather surprised at my call and didn't seem to understand why I was ringing. I thought it might be my inadequate French or their English until it finally dawned on me that I was speaking to the French Territorial Army! Work it out, ' services' ' garden' ( terrain ). Beware of dodgy translations!

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