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We are moving to Strasbourg in the coming months and we are looking for someone to install our Sky system.

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I am looking for a new garden shed as mine is falling to bits (literally). Can anyone recommend a good store to buy one from or even a local craftsman who makes them?

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I have heard that if you want to sell a property here in France you have to provide diagnostics (whatever they are) about the house. Can anyone shed light on this for me as we are about to put our place on the market.

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We are looking for some waterlillies for our garden pond. Any ideas where we can go in the centre of Strasbourg? We don't have a car so heading out of town is problematic.

started by: mcpike · last update: 1297101736 · posted: 1297095882

Hi everyone,We're looking for a gardener to prepare our garden for spring. Can anyone recommend someone you've had good experience with?Thanks!Danny

started by: ilan · last update: 1296496820 · posted: 1296496820

We have just moved into a house with a small garden and we have totally overhauled the latter. We are looking for alternatives to lawn as we don't want the hassle of mowing come summertime. Any suggestions please?

started by: hayly · last update: 1294993413 · posted: 1294768937

I have noticed that our yellow recyling bin that used to be in the residence car park has been mising for about 3 weeks. Is this normal? Is there a new recycling scheme I don't know about?

started by: hayly · last update: 1294223017 · posted: 1294223017

Tomorrow I would like to take the Xmas tree down but as this is my first year in France I really don't know how to dispose of it. Any ideas?

started by: ilan · last update: 1286391084 · posted: 1285350082

I would like to find a new trendy looking rug for my living room after my girlfriend decided our old one was too old fashioned. Can anyone recommend a strore in Strasbourg where we can look?

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Our washing machine just died (needs a new circuit board) and it seems that no-one in France can help us! It is a Maytag that we bought in Australia (yes, I know, that's half the problem) and no repairer or dealer that we speak to (in France or UK) can help us to get parts or even come and look at it. What do people here do - just buy a new one? Do they just buy new clothes instead? Any help on friendly, English-speaking repair persons or companies would be really (and I mean REALLY) appreciated. Cheers, Phil and Marianne

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Does anyone know where I can buy soya wax candles please?

started by: ilan · last update: 1281023889 · posted: 1280162960

I want to get an internet and telephone package with numericable but have heard different view points about them. Can anyone tell me if they are happy with their numericable service?

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I live in a co-owned building and I would like to have a coloured store (rolling blind) fitted. The problem is, I don't like the colour everyone else has (orange and brown!). can I go for another colour?

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Has anyone ever tried the La Poste postal forwarding serivce? I don't know whether to trust it or not when I move house next month. Do letters really get redirected efficiently?

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Do you know if there is a Sia home store in Strasbourg please? I know there are sometimes sections in good old Gallery Lafayette but there isn't enough choice for my liking. Thank you in advance.

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Hello..Can anyone refer me to a professional locksmith who charges fair prices. I need a new lock and door knob. Buster111@safe-mail.net

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Hi have 2 Palm Trees ,I was told to cover them for the winter but since I uncovered them the leaves are dead half way down . Any ideas Please as my Landlord is not going to be pleased when he see's them Thanks

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Does anyone know if tomato plants needs to be protected from rain, or if they will be fine in a pot in the garden? Thanks!

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Is anyone else having problems with a very very slow and unreliable internet service from numericable at the moment?

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Does anyone know the French name for the liquid you can pour down drains to unblock them?

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