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Hi Everyone! Just a reminder to everyone with surplus produce, nuts, apples and pears to name but a few, this is a good time to think about exchanging with others. Exchange is a good way to meet up with other smallholders and gardeners and a fantastic way to spread all that lovely produce around. For your nuts and fruits at least, perhaps you know of a local pig keeper who may be interested to swap with you for some tasty pork chops or roasting joints. This is a great time of year for the pigs who are lucky enough to have access to all of that surplus, and offers a great boost against the food bill for the pig keepers themselves. You can meet up with others on our forum link TALKPF on our website www.petites-fermiers.com Happy Exchanging!PF

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Hi thereWe are thinking about moving to Strasbourg, and was wondering whattype of garden one might have. Assuming we purchase some type of townhouse, what is a typical block size? What types of vegies and fruit grow easily? For example can one grow tomatoes, cucumbers and oranges -- or is it a little too cold there?How long do you typically get snow cover for each year?Thanks!Sean

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I don't have a car and so can't go to a DIY shop and buy one. Does anyone have one to sell to me and deliver?

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Where can I buy a comfortable blow up bed for 2 people?

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For those with surplus produce, I wonder if you might like to look in on our website www.petites-fermiers.com/ It was suggested by one of our group that we include an Exchange facility on our new forum, TALKPF, so that people can advertise their 'swaps' to others within their own departments. Please be welcome to try it and perhaps you could spread the word around also. Hopefully it will work, and just maybe there is someone in your area just dying for some of your surplus courgettes or plums! We hope you enjoy our website, and very importantly, we hope you will find the information we provide useful. We have been here before and taken note of the comments sent in to us about the site. There are two more sections to be added in over the next week or so; one is a comprehensive section about keeping pigs, and the other our legal section, offering good quality information about keeping livestock in France. We really hope that you will look in on us regularly, and add us to your favourites for later on! Thank you PF

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Where an I go to buy pool accessories such as floating arm chairs, matresses and those chip like things?

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I'm going to be apartment hunting in Strasbourg in late August and would like to find a real estate agent with reasonable English skills. Thanks!

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I would love to learn how to 'do' beton ciré so I can redecorate my bathroom in it. Does anyone know a place offering training courses?

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I would like some ideas on good summer puddings. Typical French ones would be ideal.

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Does anyone know a painter/decorator who supplies this service?

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Does anyone know of a site selling plants for acquariums?

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I am researching traditional french herbal cures, has anybody heard of any please. Susan

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I would like to buy one of these. Can someone tell me where to go?

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Looking for an English speaking painter and decorator in the Strasbourg area please.

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What does "forestiere" mean in cookery?

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Think we have a problem with mice, does anyone have a suggestion on ways to get rid of them..humanely?

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Feeling overwhelmed with a mountain of seed catalogues and what to plant when and where for my first attempt at growing veggies ….. I can’t believe my good luck in finding this website www.GrowVeg.com is a garden planning tool which helps you grow fruit and veggies, whatever the size or shape of your garden of plot. I followed the tutorial video and was able to design the inside of my forthcoming polytunnel. I’m usually useless at these things but the success has given me so much confidence. You can create and change your layouts, pop in your veggies and get growing information. You can print out your chart showing how many of each plant you need and when to sow, plant out and harvest. They even have a colour code for the veggies so you plant them in their correct group. GrowVeg even send reminder emails telling you what needs sowing and planting out. There's a section for growing tips and a blog. It’s a beautiful website and user friendly, plus you get a 30 day free trial.

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I've been told by someone that it is hard to find HOT spices in France (outside of Paris). Is this true? When I move to France would it be a good idea to bring them? THANKS!!!

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Can anyone recommend a good place to buy classy baubels and other tree decorations please?

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What is the right sort of cheese for raclettes?

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