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I would like to have a modern chimney installed in my house. Does anyone know how much they cost and where i can look?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1221729641 · posted: 1220605570

Is it true that in a one year furnished rental in France you only really have the right to stay for one year? THis is what I have been told but i have been in my flat for over a year now and the agency has said nothing to me about leaving..

started by: hayly · last update: 1220518492 · posted: 1218039022

Where can I read up in English about the French property market to know if this is a good time to purchase or not?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1218724526 · posted: 1218108563

Looking for original house warming gift ideas. Am sure my friends are going to end up with 20 scented candles and 20 photo frames and want to get them something memorable.

started by: hayly · last update: 1216118173 · posted: 1215448565

Any tips for warding off the hoards of mozzies that are currently infesting my flat?

started by: Nathalie_K · last update: 1214578546 · posted: 1214211325

We have just bought a house in Haut-Rhin (68) and we need to change our electricity (rewiring) and tre velux windows (small ones). But it is so expensive here in France. Do you know where to find someone who can do it not that expensive??Nath

started by: kayla-759 · last update: 1213867607 · posted: 1208860197

I heard something on the news last night about the fact that the French spent more on food than anyone else in Europe, they spent over twice as much as the Irish for example. Why is this? Is it because food is so expensive here?

started by: MonkeysUncle · last update: 1206107929 · posted: 1204557281

This is confusing me: when looking for a property, does T2 mean 2 bedrooms? I'm pretty sure 2 pieces means 2 bedrooms, but this T thing is throwing me off a bit. Thank you.

started by: Pinarello-701 · last update: 1202945445 · posted: 1202726170

the wife has requested a proper sunday dinner this week. this will obviously include yorkshire pudding if i can locate lard. have already looked at coop and casino, but haven't yet found it. any suggestions? cheers

started by: B'Elanna Torres · last update: 1200564769 · posted: 1200319274

If I have a straightening iron from the USA and use it in France (plugged into a voltage and plug covertor), will it be hotter than in the USA because of the different current (I think it's current)? I don't want to burn my hair. Thanks!

started by: Augustin_Nolan · last update: 1198076625 · posted: 1196855384

Is there a central place where I can register my phone number so that telemarketers won't call me at home?

started by: MonkeysUncle · last update: 1195342280 · posted: 1193147643

I just went to buy cream for a recipe and found that there are many options from which to choose. If a recipe calls for heavy cream, which one do I choose? I think I bought entier and it was WAY too thick and ended up curdling. Thanks.

started by: catherine-4 · last update: 1195056800 · posted: 1194944516

How do I get rid of the moths in my food cupboard? I've cleaned in out and sprayed some product in there, but they just keep coming back!

started by: aly lawby · last update: 1192640139 · posted: 1192125100

Does anyone know how you do this? I know everythings regulated, but I don't know if it is if you just want to have a cleaner in for 1 morning a week or so. Do you have to do any official things and paperwork or can you just have an agreement with the person. Hope someone can help!

started by: MonkeysUncle · last update: 1191414104 · posted: 1191320550

Maybe I just haven't been looking closely enough, but I can't seem to find canned anchovies anywhere. I see sardines, mackerel and tuna, but no anchovies. They must be sold here, right? Am I just looking in the wrong place? Thanks.

started by: Nick&Paula · last update: 1190647718 · posted: 1185969556

We are having problems with ants at the moment. They seem to be all over the kitchen. Can anyone tell us a good way to get rid of them? What products are best and where can we get hold of them? Thanks

started by: Steve-52 · last update: 1190540095 · posted: 1190540095

I'm hesitating between a woodburner and building a proper open fire place. Anyone any experience with woodburners - can recommend a brand?

started by: Mathilda-241 · last update: 1188916434 · posted: 1187950795

My flat is looking a little drab and so I've decided to go get some plants to liven the place up. Any tips on which are the best types of indoor plants? Or good places to get them?

started by: Jeff-410 · last update: 1187177123 · posted: 1187111642

Can anyone tell me what the best stores are to get DIY materials and equipment? Also where they are in the region?

started by: Rosie-248 · last update: 1184781170 · posted: 1184608195

Where are the best stores / chains for garden furniture? Rosie

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