started by: Rachel-362 · last update: 1183456630 · posted: 1183111679

Hi there, Does anyone know where I can puchase some bubble wrap? I need to post some delicate items back to UK. ThanksRach

started by: Rachel-362 · last update: 1180721530 · posted: 1180605015

Do we have hard water is Strasbourg? I have noticed that my hair is increasing gunky at the roots and dry at the ends. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Are there any solutions?Rach

started by: Rachel-362 · last update: 1179856510 · posted: 1179828583

A friend of mine is raving about the new GHD straighteners. Does anyone know where I can get hold of some?Rach

started by: Baguette-527 · last update: 1178904462 · posted: 1178879772

Where can we find shops that sell proper bacon, sausages and cheddar cheese near Strasbourg? Thanks.

started by: Clare-443 · last update: 1178122426 · posted: 1178122426

Hi, Does anyone know where I can get hold of some tofu or another meat substitute? I have a vegetarian friend coming to stay.

started by: Nick&Paula · last update: 1177092541 · posted: 1177073375

Hi, Where can we purchase bedside lamps from in Colmar?

started by: Lulu-279 · last update: 1176716576 · posted: 1176488661

Does anyone know where I can buy curtains in Strasbourg? Are there shops that will make them for you like in the UK?

started by: Lulu-279 · last update: 1175166596 · posted: 1174904883

Hello everyone, Our departure to Strasbourg is imminent. Can you tell me where are the best shops to buy soft furnishings? Thanks, Lulu

started by: Katie Lou-334 · last update: 1174643393 · posted: 1174561464

Hello, I am having serious cravings for marmite and baked beans. Does anyone know if there are any shops in Strasbourg or anywhere where I can buy some? Ta.KT Lou

started by: Lulu-279 · last update: 1174230706 · posted: 1172743926

Hello everyone, We have finally taken the decision to move to Strasbourg from Reading. Can anyone recommend a good removals company? Or do you have any advice on how best to get our things from the UK to France?

started by: Jimmy-318 · last update: 1171964856 · posted: 1171889794

Hello, I am looking to refurbish my office. Any ideas on where is best to get furniture? Cheers

started by: adam-256 · last update: 1168596113 · posted: 1168511986

Can anyone recommend an English speaking plumber/tiler? I know of one English company who are excellent value but don't come over to Alsace v.often. I can provide the details if anyone is interested. If there is someone more local anyone can recommend, that would be great. Cheers AdamAdam

started by: Mathilda-241 · last update: 1167996380 · posted: 1167733288

Does anyone know anything about computers and can help me? I am a complete technophobe, but was trying to install a free demo version of a firewall on my laptop. The computer went to restart, it turned off, but then wouldn't turn back on again. I have tried going back onto windows in safe mode and have deleted the offending file, but the computer is still glitching. The blue bar at the bottom of the screen will not appear and it is really slow. If I turn it off it will not access windows automatically. Any advice? Am currently using a friend's computer in case you were wondering.

started by: Maggie-184 · last update: 1164587410 · posted: 1164183038

Does anyone know where we can buy wood burners in France.

started by: roz-89 · last update: 1164400166 · posted: 1161698134

I'm looking for a shop selling fitted carpeting.Can anybody help?

started by: doodle-162 · last update: 1164222619 · posted: 1164050978

Where can I get a non needle shedding tree for Christmas?

started by: jackie-88 · last update: 1163504880 · posted: 1162819876

Hello, non- gardener back again, what plants, if any, should I be putting in now?

started by: georgef-80 · last update: 1162570015 · posted: 1162302576

I have an old but solid single divan bed looking for a needy home, free if you can collect.

started by: glenda-56 · last update: 1162335745 · posted: 1161887555

I've been given a couple of wall mounted electric heaters, they look like small radiators and I imagine they are convector heaters. I would only use them as a back up or in a spare room but are they expensive to run?

started by: jackie-88 · last update: 1161981319 · posted: 1161698807

I'm not much of a gardener but I've some land where I'd like to plant some fruit trees. Is this the wrong time of year and where would I go for advice and supply?

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