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We've nearly finished another room, but there's no heating there yet. Nobody is going to be using it for a while but I don't want it to get damp over winter. I know a lot of people use paraffin heaters but my memories of them are horrible smelly things, are they worth the bother?

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I need to get some heavy curtains to keep out the winter cold, where can I get them?

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It's finally time to buy a new mattress,'im indoors has fidgeted enough on the old one, but where can I buy a LARGE king-size mattress in France, king-size by English standards. Preferably one that moulds to your body as seen on TV and would they deliver over here?

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Does anybody know a reliable supplier for wood for a log burner? We inherited a huge hoard when we bought our house and they've lasted a good few winters but it's time to replenish the store.

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Where can I buy decent paint in France? It's all so runny over here, you need to use at least 3 coats.

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Where can I go to get well water tested to see if it's safe for drinking ?

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Is there the equivalent of the T.V licence in France ?suzief

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I had a problem printing in red so I replaced the colour cartridge. However I still couldn't print in red and it turned out there was something wrong with the print head so I bought a new machine. I now have the following surplus to requirements: a 99% new colour cartridge and a new black cartridge (in sealed box). Brand is Geha and they fit the following Canon models: S300, S330, i250, i320, i350, i450, i455, i470D, i475D, Multipass, C190 and C200. Anyone interested in these?  

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I've heard that standard bed sizes differ in France to those in England. We have a king size bed here which is fine but the mattress will need replacing in the next year or so. We're planning to move over in a few months and I need to know if I will be able to buy a new mattress in France that fits.suzief

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I am a very keen 'stitcher' , unfortunately most outlets I've seen in France seem to been overtaken by cross-stitch as opposed to true embroidery. Being 'mathematically challenged' my pieces end up bearing no resemblance to the intended design ( I also have a very short attention span ) Can anybody help?

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