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Coming with children in April and woudl like to keep them occupied with some activities that will leave them with amazing memories of the area. Already looking at the boat cruise but any other thoughts please?

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You don't mention what age your children are, but you could look into some of the following:

1. Take a walk up the Cathedral to the viewing deck, and overlook Strasbourg from high.  It's quite a walk, and not ideal for less 3 year olds, unless you can carry them.

2.  Buy an overpriced but exotic looking (and very delicious) ice cream shaped like a flower from a cafe in front of the Cathedral, and enjoy it on the square alongside the Cathedral where the children can run a round for a bit.

3. The "Musee d'Historique" is interesting, and has some interactive displays suitable for chilren. (

4.  Depending on where you ar staying, and what the weather is doing,take a picnic lunch to the Orangerie.  It's a park, full of lovely open spaces which most kids love.  It has 2 playgrounds, and an area to view birds, and a handful of small animals.  There is also a minture car track, where kids can buy tickets and drive cars around a track, plus you can rent a boat and row onto the pond/lake in the middle.  Also, eat ice cream, always popular idea with my kids.

The Orangerie is loacted very close to the Council of Europe.

5. Back on the island, near the Catheral is Place Kleber and Place Guttenburg, where the carousels will be in place.  It' not often you get to take in a carousel in the middle of a historical, old city centre.

6. For something that is not exploicitly Strasbourgoise, but will keep kids entertained if the weather is bad, try Le Vaisseau


I have 2 girls, aged 4 and 7. so feel free to e mail if you need any other advice




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That is FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for the detailed reply and all the great ideas. I'm thinking about hiring some bikes and doing some cycling as a family too.

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