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I'm looking for somewhere that I can take some martial arts classes. Any ideas?

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Lorna-33 1150124900

My son does Kung Fu at a centre called Wing Tsun in Strasbourg. There are classes for all age groups. Also, one of the instructors speaks a bit of English which is helpful.
If you want to call, the number is: 03 88 35 34 17.

Lizz B 1150194685

Does your son do any other activities? Did he find Kung Fu hard? I'm looking into sorting out some activities for my son, at the moment he enjoys swimming and tennis but prehaps I can encourage him to start something new.

Lizz B

Lorna-33 1150218928

He loves Kung Fu. Obviously as they are young they don't have to tackle any hard moves. Its worth a go as you never know whether your son might like it! Mine also takes piano lessons.
Hope you find some things to amuse the little ones, happy children mean a happy Mum!

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