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I've heard that the Tour de France is starting in Strasbourg this year. When exactly is it?

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John-16 1150289063

If that is true, it would be great. I'll google it and if I find anything I'll let you know.

John-16 1150289316

You are right. Strasbourg is hosting the Tour de France this year. It starts on the 1st July and ends on the 23rd. Can't believe I didn't know that.

Strasbird 1150382282

Have a look in the Sport catagory of the AngloINFO What's On Guide and all the info is there, did Lance Armstrong retire last year?

Strasbird 1151664755

So it all gets started tomorrow, I can't wait. It looks like it's going to be a fantastic tour, wide open without Lance and what with Ullrich being suspended the field is wide open! Should be a fab day in Strasbourg tomorrow, anyone know the weather forecast??

John-16 1151669020

My trusty weather source says it may hit the 30s tomorrow - ouf - but sun is most def what we want for the first day of the Tour de France!

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