started by: Strasbourgn00b · last update: 1395834387 · posted: 1395396632

Where's the nearest zoo from Strasbourg? Looking for a safari park-type environment.

started by: Grant-903641 · last update: 1391687352 · posted: 1389875286

Are there anyother players of Warhammer in the Strasbourg area?

started by: Aimee-903639 · last update: 1386344336 · posted: 1385984855

Are there any unique and intresting museums in Strasbourg?

started by: Aimee-903639 · last update: 1381930113 · posted: 1381488338

Travelling into Strasbourg city with friends in the next week or so. Is it possible to hire bikes or other means of eco transport?

started by: Grant-903641 · last update: 1377689953 · posted: 1376577805

Schloss / Chateau / Castle - whatever you want to call them - are any open to the public National Trust-style like in the UK in the area or are they privately owned?

started by: Grant-903641 · last update: 1377215287 · posted: 1376655691

Anyone signed up for a Fantasy Football league this year? Any recommendations?

started by: Mr Meltzer · last update: 1375986595 · posted: 1375195235

What are the actual rules to this game? I've seen it played a few times and they seem to make it up as they go along.

started by: Millie Liter · last update: 1366369323 · posted: 1366369323

Does anyone know where we might be able to get sailing lessons in the Meuse area please?

started by: markt-537812 · last update: 1347548722 · posted: 1347494874

Just moved to Strasbourg and wondered if there are any Junior Soccer Clubs for 11 and 15 year old males. Winning medals less important than playing witha good well run homely club. Any suggestions?

started by: ilan · last update: 1345562153 · posted: 1318531461

Does anyone know of a walking group in the Strasbourg area for English speakers?

started by: jim-1304 · last update: 1345562096 · posted: 1345562096

Does anyone have a set of golf clubs for sale please?

started by: hayly · last update: 1335808791 · posted: 1335463917

I will be visting friends and family in the US in May and I'd like to take them some typically Alsace specialities. What should I take?

started by: Harry-4682 · last update: 1331922271 · posted: 1331467283

Can anyone suggest a bar that will be showing all three Six Nations final matches next Saturday?

started by: hayly · last update: 1331637277 · posted: 1331312644

Does anyone know of a local canicross club (running and cycling with your dog)? I had heard there were severla in Alsace but I don't know where to look. Thanks in advance for your help.

started by: Douglas-4693 · last update: 1316712931 · posted: 1316712931

I was told that there is a bus that goes from Strasbourg to Wengen in the winter but I can't find any information about it. Is it true, has anyone done it?

started by: kooky-1307 · last update: 1316594769 · posted: 1316028822

I am looking for a pilates class in Strasbourg. Preferably for ladies only. Let me know if you hear of anything.

started by: jeffi · last update: 1315900814 · posted: 1315382432

Hi everyone, I would like to give zumba lessons a try. Do you know of a gym or dance school offering them in Strasbourg please?

started by: kooky-1307 · last update: 1308124983 · posted: 1308124983

Does anyone know if the art fair in Basel is fee based entry or not? I'd like to go today with a friend.

started by: Katie Lou-334 · last update: 1305299079 · posted: 1186999550

Hi, Can anyone advise me on a good place to go to learn / practice yoga in Strasboug? KT Lou

started by: hayly · last update: 1300186217 · posted: 1299411664

Hi everyone. DO you know if there is anywhere to practice 'ski de fond' (crosscountry skiing) in Alsace please?

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