started by: ilan · last update: 1297791110 · posted: 1297791110

I am interested in buying a Mulhouse season ticket. Does anyone have one for sale that they don't make sufficient use of?

started by: kooky-1307 · last update: 1294680814 · posted: 1294141436

I would like to get back in shape as my new year's resolution but can't afford a full gym membership. Can anyone recommend a good aerobics class in a community centre or something similar?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1292863458 · posted: 1292166115

I have heard this is a great specialist sports shop; do you know if there is a store in our region?

started by: speaker16482 · last update: 1291660145 · posted: 1291660145

Can anyone give me some pointers on which squash club in the area has the most courts and/or best players? (I used to play competitively.)Thanks

started by: debski-4387 · last update: 1289135374 · posted: 1288810516

is there anyone living around the cernay area who would be interested in starting up a book club?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1286559133 · posted: 1285260328

I would like to take up pilates to relieve pain from a herniated disk. Can anyone recommend a school in the Strasbourg area?

started by: carolgroom · last update: 1285260276 · posted: 1285237230

I hope to retire to France shortly any ideas of reasonalbely priced places that are safe. I am also interested in any galleries in France or Germany that are interested in emerging artists, or any exhibition space. . PLease contact Carol Groom and I will make a visit as I feel that art cannot be fully appreicated except in person

started by: hayly · last update: 1283874257 · posted: 1283678455

I'd love to get into shape this September but don't want to pay for a sports club subscription. Can anyone suggest a sport I could do on a weekly basis and use to make new friends?

started by: ilan · last update: 1283447641 · posted: 1283447641

Looking for ideas for a late summer break. Somewhere I can drive to in under 1 or 2 hours ideally. Please let me know if you can think of anything. Nothing overly strenuous, I have had a hard year!

started by: kooky-1307 · last update: 1282131716 · posted: 1280927388

Hi there. I am going on anoutward bound holiday next week and I need to get kitted out with a tent, sleeping bag and pretty much all the other camping gear you can think of. Do you know of such a store in the Colmar area please?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1276188447 · posted: 1276188447

Looking for a place to try my hand at fishing. Can anyone recommend a nice spot?

started by: Lornax-4394 · last update: 1273228794 · posted: 1272997286

Does anyone know of any film clubs or film groups in Strasbourg? If not - would anyone be interested in one? Lorna x

started by: Lornax-4394 · last update: 1271336796 · posted: 1271092099

Hallo! I'm looking for meditation classes or a meditation group in Strasbourg - can anyone help? Lornax

started by: MissMountain · last update: 1270123891 · posted: 1270035900

I will be moving to Metz next month! As I can't survive a weekend without being in the nature, I was wondering if someone could give me some ideas about where to go, if there are any good places to get sports equipment, clubs in the region etc? Grateful for all information! Thanks!

started by: Gingerbird · last update: 1269013992 · posted: 1268868369

Can anyone recommend an English speaking personal trainer in Illkirch / Strasbourg?

started by: jeffi · last update: 1262890146 · posted: 1261055741

I would love to gt my pilot's licence. Does anyone know of a local flying school?

started by: Gingerbird · last update: 1260054507 · posted: 1260054507

Hi, I'm relatively new to Strasbourg, and looking to meet new people, but especially find a squash partner! I know squash isn't that big here, but if any wants to play, male and female, please get in touch. I'm not brilliant, but not a beginner.

started by: hayly · last update: 1259582246 · posted: 1259399277

Has anyone heard of a paragliding school in the area? I would love to give it a go!

started by: hayly · last update: 1253608169 · posted: 1251211866

I am looking for a riding school to enroll my daughter in this September. Any recommendations please?

started by: asdesign · last update: 1252590537 · posted: 1252544494

A heated pool anywhere in Strasbourg?

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