started by: CathyT · last update: 1249206893 · posted: 1249206893

Hi - I live in Saint-Louis and am looking for local folk fiddlers (any tradition) to get in touch with. Any ideas? Cathy

started by: Danny-3675 · last update: 1242935680 · posted: 1242483997

Hello all,I'm moving to Strasbourg with my family in about a month, and am looking for a 5-a-side or full pitch football team to play in, preferably with English-speaking people in the mix. Anyone know of such a group?Thanks,Danny

started by: hayly · last update: 1241442763 · posted: 1240999325

I am really sad that the ski season is now over! Is there anywhere that offers summer time skiing in France?

started by: hayly · last update: 1240906335 · posted: 1239697954

Looking for camp sites in the Alsace region. I have heard that 5 star sites exist; does anyone know of one?

started by: Steve-52 · last update: 1231851237 · posted: 1231511463

Anyone know of a place with real snooker tables in Strasbourg? A bar or centre where you can maybe rent tables by the hour or so? Thanks

started by: hayly · last update: 1228154370 · posted: 1227543264

How much will a pair of beginners skis, boots and poles set me back?

started by: Gojira · last update: 1222708514 · posted: 1222456234

Can anyone suggest a good place (online) to buy a used road bike? I can't seem to use ebay France anymore and think there must be some other options for buying used sporting goods somewhere. Thank you.

started by: Augustin_Nolan · last update: 1222252836 · posted: 1222076369

Looking for gym recommendations in the Nancy area. Would like a place that offers some classes as well as personal trainers (preferably English-speaking, but French ok). Thanks. -------- Be good & you will be lonesome.

started by: kooky-1307 · last update: 1219316917 · posted: 1219049385

Where can we find out how the UK are doing in the games? I never even see UK athletes on French TV.

started by: jeffi · last update: 1215693890 · posted: 1215693890

Looking for a gym recomendation please..

started by: Clare-443 · last update: 1213691491 · posted: 1188902917

Can anyone tell me if there are any sorts of exercise that you can do while pregnant? Or any gyms in the Alsace region that offer classes for pregnant ladies?

started by: MonkeysUncle · last update: 1204026070 · posted: 1203079509

I was thinking of giving golf a try this spring- I've played a few times, but not in France. Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting started here? Can I just show up at a course and play or do Ihave to have a membership or does it depend on the course? Thanks.

started by: aly lawby · last update: 1193218858 · posted: 1192528140

I'm wanting to buy a used or inexpensive bike, nothing fancy, just something to get to the stores nearby. Ideally a ladies bike. Anyone have one for sale? Anyone know where I might find one? Many thanks.

started by: Steve-52 · last update: 1188995362 · posted: 1188579929

Anyone know of any road races in the region between now and Christmas?

started by: Melissa-197 · last update: 1188844126 · posted: 1187864284

This is probably a long shot, but does anyone know of any shops selling Sweaty Betty sports clothing in the Alsace-Lorraine region or France? Some of my existing gym kit is worn out so I want to buy replacements. Thanks

started by: Melissa-197 · last update: 1187347432 · posted: 1187091138

Are there any tennis courts around Metz that are open to non-members?

started by: Jimmy-318 · last update: 1186740647 · posted: 1186655217

Can any golf enthusiasts out there tell me where to find the best golf courses in the region?

started by: Rosie-248 · last update: 1180462481 · posted: 1180433680

I want to try skydiving. Is there anywhere near Strasbourg that offers it? Rosie

started by: TomP-191 · last update: 1178812101 · posted: 1178791493

I want to join a sports club in Strasbourg. Any ideas?

started by: Rosie-248 · last update: 1178617852 · posted: 1178279434

My son really wants some of those roller shoes. Do you know where I can buy them? Also I've heard that they're cheaper in the UK - is this true? ThanksRosie

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