started by: Melissa-197 · last update: 1176371378 · posted: 1176313959

Hello, I am considering taking up Tai Chi, but am not sure where to go. Does anyone know of a place within driving distance of Nancy? Thanks.

started by: TomP-191 · last update: 1174301712 · posted: 1174301712

Well done France. What a great match. Disappointing defeat for England against Wales. Any views?

started by: TomP-191 · last update: 1173724347 · posted: 1173698299

Great England victory against France yesterday. What a match. Did you see it? Any thoughts?

started by: Nick&Paula · last update: 1173697832 · posted: 1172829932

Hello everyone, I am interested in taking up some outdoor activities. Does anyone have any advice on good places to hike or walk in the Alsace Lorraine region?

started by: Melissa-197 · last update: 1173350765 · posted: 1173348232

Good morning, My nine year old daughter wants to start horse riding. Can anyone suggest a good horseriding club that offers children's lessons near Metz? Thanks.

started by: TomP-191 · last update: 1172486334 · posted: 1170675013

Did you catch the rugby at the weekend? Great start for France.

started by: TomP-191 · last update: 1170939394 · posted: 1170931505

What a pitiful England performance last night! Looks like McClaren has lost it completely. At least it was just a friendly. Why can't the English play football like the French? Unpatriotic perhaps, but the French always seems to pull it out of the bag at the last minute or at least play like they have the drive to win. Where was our motivation last night?

started by: Nick&Paula · last update: 1170758691 · posted: 1170755833

Can anyone recommend a good golf course around Colmar? Cheers, Nick

started by: doodle-162 · last update: 1165177860 · posted: 1164891710

Why didn't the All Blacks do the Hacka last week? ( Is that how you spell it ) It's one of the highlights of the match.

started by: Bunty-68 · last update: 1164972152 · posted: 1164799686

I thought that by living in France I could get away from the tedium of cricket, No chance, thanks to the glory of digital ' he's ' got it on the computer! Is there no escape?

started by: jude-101 · last update: 1159446718 · posted: 1159382063

Our neighbour is a member of the local chasse and regularly leaves  'presents'  at our gate in rather bloody carrier bags. My husband asked him if he could go along one day, but was told no, he had to have a hunting ' Godfather'. How do you get one?       

started by: roscoe-91 · last update: 1156582559 · posted: 1156582559

Well really, whatever next! Dodgy cricket umpires! Has the world gone completely mad!

started by: bodger-63 · last update: 1155238313 · posted: 1155032844

Anybody know of any cricket clubs / groups ?

started by: jayjay-95 · last update: 1155155848 · posted: 1155155848

Does anybody know where my kids can see or watch ice hockey over here?

started by: frankie-76 · last update: 1153940632 · posted: 1153849926

Now that I have a bit more time on my hands I'm thinking of taking up golf but having only ever pottered around before I would like a club that's user friendly where I won't get laughed off the course. As my French isn't that hot I would also prefer lessons in English if possible. Does anybody know of such a place or am I asking too much ?

started by: susie-6 · last update: 1152993434 · posted: 1152810560

Does anyone know of any good fishing in the area? My brother is coming to stay and he is a very keen fisherman. Can you fish anywhere in the region? All information gratefully received. Thanks

started by: catherine-4 · last update: 1152555364 · posted: 1152296315

Does anyone know of any Triathlon clubs in the area not too far from Mulhouse? Thanks

started by: George-38 · last update: 1151669020 · posted: 1150286086

I've heard that the Tour de France is starting in Strasbourg this year. When exactly is it?

started by: miles-31 · last update: 1150753912 · posted: 1150746230

anyone watch the french playing last night, i missed the game but would love to know why they only drew??

started by: John-16 · last update: 1150577395 · posted: 1150546192

A friend and I would love to hire a couple of bikes and go for a bit of an adventurous day in the mountains...where could we do that?

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