Museums & Monuments

Sydney Jewish Museum
Conducts group tours and school programs as well as offers library facilities and online bookings. 
Australian Museum of Magical Arts
Arranges guided tours, magic shows and night tours. 
Reserve Bank of Australia Museum
Museum has a wide collection of banknotes on display. Offers school and other group bookings, exhibitions, guided tours and activities.
Australian Museum
Conducts various exhibitions and also offers the venue for private functions. 
Sydney Tramway Museum
Offers events, activities, school bookings and workshops.
The Royal New South Wales Lancers
The museum has a large collection of military materials. Located at Smith Street, Sydney.
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
Offers events, exhibitions, tours and activities.
Australian National Maritime Museum
Showcases a wide collection of historic materials, including exibitions, events, online ticket bookings, online exibitions and activities for kids.
Museum of Freemasonry
The museum offers tours and exhibitions from Monday to Friday starting 11 am.
The Arms of Australia Inn Museum
Conducts events, tours, school activities and also offers the venue on hire for private events.