Offers a variety of dishes with pre reservation facilities.
Serves Australian food and drinks with advance reservation facilities.
Soul Dining
The restaurant offers Korean food and drinks with lunch booking facilities. 
O Bar and Dining
Dinner, tasting, group dining, cocktails, spirits and wines including private dining room facilities as well as space for private functions.
Restaurant offers a la carte and  tasting menus, lunch, dinner, wine and cocktails. They also rent space for private events.
Black Forrest Restaurant
Operated in conjunction with the German-Austrian Club of Sydney, this restaurant serves German and Austrian foods and caters for weddings and other special occasions. 73-75 Curtin Street, Cabramatta, NSW 2166.
Restaurant Hubert
French restaurant provides dinner with live jazz music. The venue can also be hired for private functions.
The Restaurant Pendolino
Serves Italian cuisine with private dining services, catering services as well as offers space for private functions.
German Club Restaurant
Part of the German Club of Sydney. German restaurant serving German beer and home-style meals. 636A Northcliffe Drive, Berkeley, NSW 2506.
Bentley Restaurant and Bar
Authentic Australian restaurant offers tasting, vegetarian tasting and bar menus with private dining and catering services.