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UK ELECTIONS VOTING FOR RESIDENTS OVERSEAS 0 General Started by: zippity · Updated: 1573663372 · Created: 1573663372
For those people who dont know or have forgotten. I thought this might be useful.As a UK citizen living in France, you s
enrichment classes in tampines 0 Entertainment Started by: Shilpa -Samal-938372 · Updated: 1558698830 · Created: 1558698830
Moppeteers Preschool in Singapore provides Preschool and Daycare Programme that Encourage your child to Learn, Grow and
East Africa safari wildlife Tanzania, Kenya,... 1 Pets & Animals Started by: Expedition-Africa-925290 · Updated: 1521311022 · Created: 1521310977
safari wlidlife East Africa Tanzania,kenya,Uganda
BILINGUAL OR AMERICAN/BRITISH SCHOOL IN TAIPEI 1 Families & Kids Started by: MarĂ­a del Mar-Llera Llorente-894764 · Updated: 1498596141 · Created: 1488711266
I'm an Associate Professor at Seville University (Spain) having received a Fellowship from the Ministry of Foreign Affai
Is it legal to sell unused contact lens on... 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Amb-P-852418 · Updated: 1479134255 · Created: 1478010683
Hey, I have many unused contact lens. Can I sell it on the internet? If can't, please advise another way.
Dumplings 0 Food & Drink Started by: Ophe Hsia · Updated: 1478616370 · Created: 1478616370
Wow, so deliciou the dumplings are. I wanna learn it . If you know any DIY course in English, please share with me. By e
Restaurant recommended 1 Food & Drink Started by: Amb-P-852418 · Updated: 1478272169 · Created: 1471482438's difficult to find a restaurant offers both delicious meat meals and vegetarian meals with English servvice. C
How to apply E-visa? 1 General Started by: Ophe Hsia · Updated: 1478185142 · Created: 1475926292
Yeah....E-visa program is expanded to Muslim visitors. I would like to share it with my Muslim friendss. But I haven't f
2016 TPC 1 Sport & Leisure Started by: Anonym-a-860670 · Updated: 1478099182 · Created: 1477754179
My friends and I would like to join the gaming competition in Taipei. It's called TPC. But we are unsrue if foreingers c
Cloud Gate's new program this year 1 Entertainment Started by: T-T-852646 · Updated: 1477925971 · Created: 1476882388
I saw one of Cloud Gate's program last year in Europe. I heard they were from Taiwan. Is there any new program this yeaa
What is double 11? 0 General Started by: Ophe Hsia · Updated: 1477825639 · Created: 1477825639
Cool.. I just heard "double 11" from the chat of a group on MRT, but don't know what it is. Can someone help me to under
Uber is banned stiil? 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Amb-P-852418 · Updated: 1477664534 · Created: 1477664534
Umm....I heard thatUber could be banned in Taiwan. Is it still valid? if yes, can we find alternative just like uber, go
Taiwan is the winner of world's best place... 2 General Started by: Amb-P-852418 · Updated: 1477578964 · Created: 1472687258
My colleague told me that Taiwan is the winner of world's best place for expats this year. We discussed a little bit and
Event for Halloween 1 Sport & Leisure Started by: Amb-P-852418 · Updated: 1477489318 · Created: 1476969371's said English events for Halloween are available in New Taipei. Cann anyone recommend onein Tamsui Dist., or n
ATP Tennis World Tour 1 Sport & Leisure Started by: Anonym-a-860670 · Updated: 1477404453 · Created: 1475421539
Woww....It's ssaid ATP Tennis World Tour may include Taipei as a stop. Is it real? When? Can't wait to see, I need tofig
A stamp exhibition for kids 1 Families & Kids Started by: Ophe Hsia · Updated: 1477314381 · Created: 1477053923
My son love to collectstamps. He heard anexhibitionis helding in Taipei and asked for seeing it. If you know it, please
MRT Wi-Fi 230 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Amb-P-852418 · Updated: 1477214798 · Created: 1475585930
The brief news said Taipei MRT demo WiFi 230 these days. But I found no such service while I was on MRT today. Is it ava
Problem of MRT's Wenhu Line 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: T-T-852646 · Updated: 1476623400 · Created: 1475253668
So bad..I met MRT's Wenhu Line disruption yesterday and took bus, it cost me 1more hour. Did it slove aldready?
German Beer Festival 1 Food & Drink Started by: Amb-P-852418 · Updated: 1476426874 · Created: 1476022971
A friend of mine is from German and he missess Germany Beer Festival in October. Is it available in Taipei as there are
Rout recommend to feel Taipei 0 Sport & Leisure Started by: Ophe Hsia · Updated: 1476312269 · Created: 1476312269
My friend is coming to visit us in Taipei. How can we make him feel Taipei for the 1st time? Pleasee recommend the journ