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Umm....I heard that Uber could be banned in Taiwan. Is it still valid? if yes, can we find alternative just like uber, good service at lowrer price? Thanks for opinions!

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The brief news said Taipei MRT demo WiFi 230 these days. But I found no such service while I was on MRT today. Is it available on all routes? Or on particular trains?

started by: T-T-852646 · last update: 1476623400 · posted: 1475253668

So bad..I met MRT's Wenhu Line disruption yesterday and took bus, it cost me 1more hour. Did it slove aldready?

started by: Ophe Hsia · last update: 1471222598 · posted: 1471222598

Wowwww.....Pokemon is so hot now....a Chinese newsv mentioned the Pokemon Bus is on the road. May I have the routes in English? Ha ha... now I just let you know I am a Pokemon fan. 

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Oh..o..o...I heard another new regulation is released and drivers will be finedd. It's abpout stop line.  Detailplease. 

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Pokemon is hot in Taiwan. Few accidents were reportedDD and caused by Pokemon catcherss. I heard new regulation was generated, but I could not find detailed information in English.Can you share if any penalty? 

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For earth protection, I plan to change my old gasoline motorcycle to an e scooter. Should we wear helmets when ride e scooters? Anything else we need to know to ride an e scooter?

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I heard that UBus is new for commuters's. May I know its stops, routes and feee? Gratitude!

started by: Amb-P-852418 · last update: 1468542804 · posted: 1468542804

OMG....I forget to pay my scooter's fuel fee. Will I be fined? Any additional penaltyy caused by it? Even thogh I hope not, please advise the correct info. Many thnks!

started by: Ophelia-10059711 · last update: 1465258628 · posted: 1461286056

Ubikes are so popular here, good and convenient for us. I waondering if they have insurance for riders when we ride them and meet accident unlikely? Any advice is thnkful~

started by: T-T-852646 · last update: 1462494675 · posted: 1461804884

I heard a TV news breifly introduced Ucar's launching in Taipei. What is it? Taxi? Something like Ubike? If you know it, can you advise detail in English here. Mny tks!

started by: Kentt · last update: 1458880947 · posted: 1454777508

It's the first time to spend CNY in Taiwan. We plan to drive around the islandd. How can we avoid traffic jam during the holidays? 

started by: BarbaraBarbei · last update: 1458275478 · posted: 1455784599

Ohm.. oh..it's said a new rule about red light. A penalty is generated when breaking. Please tell me the conditions and penalty volume. Gratitude@

started by: WarrssStar · last update: 1458187864 · posted: 1456248528

Ouch?I was told there's penalty if driver smoke S's while driving. How much is it? Hope not a big volume. Gratitude for info!

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I am a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle player. Can I play it freely in Taipei? Or any local rule for it?

started by: Dynasol · last update: 1456477218 · posted: 1455543058

A news mentioned Zhongxiao Bridge demolition finised. Any impact for drivers? What's else for attention?

started by: lizintaipei · last update: 1456304622 · posted: 1421532654

Yo..ho...new sports cars were launched recently. Which one is the steepest sports car on the ground? How fast is it? Any response is grateful!

started by: Kentt · last update: 1453233118 · posted: 1452547115

Gogoro scooter looks pretty. Is it good?

started by: Shilin-Chillin' · last update: 1453120601 · posted: 1452273244

I'd like to start driving here but it's been a long time since I was behind a wheel. Do you know of any driving schools offering refresher courses in English by any chance?

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It's really a good policy as I saw one of today's news that Taipei sets up 'disease control taxi' to prevent spread of diseases. Where can we call these taxiE's? How can we know if the taxi we call is one of these taxies?

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